An Open Letter to Lindsay H. Jones at The Denver Post

Editors note: Yesterday, the Denver Newspaper of Record continued its hero worship of departed QB/Punt Protector Tim Tebow. I took exception via Twitter with Lindsay H. Jones, the Post’s Broncos beat writer. She took exception to me taking exception, and I was invited to have a “civilized discussion about this” in more than 140 characters via email with the Post reporter.

Of course, I obliged. Here, now, are the contents of said email. (Note: I have not yet received a response. If and when I do, this will be updated with more information.)

Oh hai! I play in Denver now… but you wouldn’t know it.

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The Denver Post Doesn’t Know Tim Tebow Is Gone

Pictured: Mike Klis’ hidden camera footage of his golden ticket

Frankly, I find it terrible that we don’t have a decent press corps in this town.

Back in the days of being a two-newspaper town — before, of course, the two famously merged creating one massive paper that couldn’t pay its bills instead of two — there was some integrity, some creativity, some competition for stories and interviews and that one four-letter word that was actually marginally important: News.

It’s become an embarrassment. [Read more…]

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