And Then on Friday, The Morning Wood LOLed at Tim Tebow

Oh, praise be to Allah and his prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) for it is Friday, our weekly day of coasting at work and getting schlitzed on moonshine. And not necessarily in that order.

The search term of the week is “Romney will abolish the Securities & Exchange Commission”. You heard it here first, folks.

To the links, you silly fucks! [Read more…]

Friday Fun With Search Terms – 5 October 2012

Happy Friday, lesser deciles of the forty-seven percent!

If you’re going to plagiarize your school essays, you would be well advised not to get your material from a boutique penis joke emporium like The Daily Dick Punch. That is surely the academic equivalent of the Darwin Awards, you guys. Your professors know how to use Google, and the written voice we employ on this site is unusual, to put it mildly. Our sentences will not mesh with yours, and whereas you might risk a slap on the wrist for being too loose with your paraphrasing of Encyclopaedia Britannica, you will surely be expelled for polluting the learning environment with this filthy web site. [Read more…]

3/21 Nerd Links of the Day

Oh to-day is a most heady day. Indeed, maybe the headiest of days!

Sir Timothy of Thiebaut has been commanded by God (John Elway) to preach His word in Noo Joisey, the armpit of America and a well-known Den of Vice.

Regular readers will already know that the editorial board of this celebrated web-zine holds Drew Magary in the highest regard, and his ongoing satire of the New York Jets now promises to become all the more brutal. Today’s reaction to the Tebow trade was instantaneous and magnificent.

In addition, for your daily laugh at Mittens Romney’s expense take a look at this:

Boom, roasted.

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