The Misadventures of a College Snob

Gosh, and here I thought going to college was a good thing.

You may have heard that Rick Santorum — a college graduate himself, as seen above — recently said that the President’s plan to make higher education accessible to young people across the country made him a “snob.” Colleges are indoctrination centers for the evil left wing conspiracy, he said, and his supporters went ape shit with applause. Because education is now a bad thing, like healthy food in schools, because god dammit, if we want our kids to be fat, then we want them to be fat! And if we want them to be uneducated, that’s our business and STOP TELLING ME HOW TO RAISE MY TAX BREAKS CHILDREN!

I had the opportunity to go to college. I went to an affordable state school on a partial scholarship and was fortunate enough that my parents had the foresight to save for my education. (They’re snobs, too.) I also worked full-time when my financial aid ran out to stay in school.

I was also raised in a Republican household, Secretary of my school’s College Republicans my senior year, and wasn’t indoctrinated into anything (except a shitload of really good beer). It wasn’t until after I’d graduated that I became the godless heathen that you know and tolerate today.

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