What Can We Say About The Replacements?

Roger Goodell, to fans.


I’m not one to blame the officials for bad calls costing my team a game. Not now, not ever, because rare is the case when it actually happens (and because I’m not an inbred Ravens fan). Even in examples like Ed Hochuli’s missed call that helped deliver a win in week two of the ’08 season for the Broncos over the Chargers, Jay Cutler still had to take the extra chance and exploit it to score points to win the game. It wasn’t handed to Denver, even though it sorta was.

But last night… hoo, last night. What can I say about the replacement refs that hasn’t already been said about Lindsay Lohan’s vagina? They are bombed out and depleted; drugged up and out of their depth; a shadow of the unit we’d come to complain about.

Let me go on the record: These replacement refs are terrible, need replacement themselves, and if Roger Goodell doesn’t see that, he should be removed from his office immediately. Full stop.

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Everyone Knows You’re Horrible: NFL Replacement Refs Leave a Lot to be Desired

I’d love to be writing about the Denver Broncos this morning. About how their starters looked as good as I could have hoped for, about how the depth is… non-existent, and how if anyone gets hurt on this team, the Broncos will be left to wander though the desert with Moses and Tebow.

I’d love to talk about the team playing with an actual gameplan and looking great. I’d like to talk about Peyton Manning looking like the Peyton Manning of old, slinging the ball all over the yard and throwing receivers open en route to 10/12 passing for two touchdowns  and getting out of the game before the end of the first quarter. I’m itching to praize Jeebus for ERIC FACKIN’ DECKAH, the recipient of both of Peyton’s TD passes, but that might just be the ol’ Saigon Rose flaring up.

In any case, DECKAH is the new WELKAH for a new GENARRAYSHAN. NO ONE DENIES THIS!

We could talk about the upcoming cuts for the Broncos, some of which aren’t going to be as tough as I initially thought since our backups look absolutely abysmal.

I’d love to talk about any of this. But I won’t. I can’t, because I have to get something off my chest first.

/removes sports bra

There, that’s better. Now, we’ve GOTTA talk about this replacement referee situation, you guys. [Read more…]

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