Morning Wood: NFL Opening Weekend

Well, friends, football is back. Some of us (me) were absolute gluttons for it yesterday on the couch, drinking up each game as if we were thirsty and wandering through the desert, and football was our water. Or something like that.

If I may torture the metaphor further, baseball season has been like the sun, beating down on us mercilessly, as we traversed our sandy soon-to-be graves in search of the shade of preseason football.

So, to wrap up a metaphor that I sincerely regret using in the first place, baseball is the awful sun, preseason football is like shade to a thirsty man, and then regular season football — featuring the debut of one Peyton Manning in Denver — is like water. Get it? Let’s just move on.

Peyton looked great. Missed on seven passes all night, threw for two touchdowns, was hit a few times and popped right back up, and in the end had a defense that won it for him when cornerback Tracy Porter picked off a Ben Roethlisberger pass and took it to the house to effectively end the game. OH, and then Von Miller grabbed two sacks and the D grabbed a third to finish off the Steelers in Denver.

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Three Conclusions from Broncos 29, Steelers 23

And then did Jesus ride forth into Jerusalem on a Donco...

Remember a few weeks ago when the editors of this venerated publication declared that there would be less Tebow?

Ha ha um, April Fool’s?

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