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It’s a big day for us in the Mile High City, what with the Presidential Debate coming to town at The University Named For Our City But Really For Rich Folk of Denver tonight. Everyone’s excited to be part of such a historic destruction of Mitt Romney, who has been practicing his zingers in debate prep all week. Nothing like a well-rehearsed zinger, right George Costanza? What could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, all hilarious joking aside, we really are excited to have the debates come to town. It gives us a chance to really be part of the Presidential election, which is cool, and since Colorado is a swing state and still somehow up for grabs (we must have a lot of angry white males around), there’s a big rally today prior to the debate for President Obama. I’m going; should be rowdy. And then tomorrow I’m accompanying one of the greatest wine writers in the world the city to check out an Obama rally on Thursday morning. These are heady times, bros.

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Morning Wood: GOP Is Losing Its S**t

So it’s no secret how much the whiteys in the GOP hate our President and Kenyan Prime Minister, Barry Hussein Obama. What I didn’t realize was just how over-the-top absurd they’ve become with that hatred, to the point that they’ve lost all sense and reason, or at least whatever sense and reason they originally possessed.

Yesterday, for the 33rd time, the GOP-controlled House voted on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare.” This wouldn’t be a big deal if the bill hadn’t already passed both houses, AND unexpectedly gotten through the Supreme Court ruling it Constitutional. Oh, and if they hadn’t already done this song and dance 32 times prior, each time knowing it wouldn’t pass the Senate, making it the emptiest of empty gestures.

Oh, and reports are that it costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million to hold a day’s session to have a vote like the one yesterday. $30 million… times 33… carry the one… $990 MILLION has been spent on legislation that those pushing the votes know unequivocally is definitely not going to pass the Senate. They might as well take that money and flush it down the toilet. And this is from the GOP, the party demanding that we “stop spending”?

Political grandstanding. Political theater. Political gamesmanship. At the cost of $30 million a shot.

Of course, the worst news isn’t for Obama, or his party, or anyone who likes the ACA. The worst news is for the GOP. By keeping this story in front of people, and by looking like spoiled children who haven’t gotten their way (three times legislatively, once by the courts, and 33 times on these useless appeals) while the country struggles through a war, crumbling infrastructure, a bad job market, and struggling schools, the GOP gives lots and lots (and LOTS!) of ammunition to Obama, the DNC, and a host of people already pissed off at the game-playing we’ve seen from the GOP in the last three and a half years.

Sigh. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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Free Form Friday: The NCAA Can Do Something Right

[Editor’s note: This fall/winter, the editorial staff of the Daily Dickpunch will be inviting other like-minded and similarly-brilliant columnists to join our ranks on what we’re calling Free Form Friday. If you would like to be considered for the FFF, please email publius1981<at>gmail<dot>com.
Today’s writer is Pimp Emeritus Vincent Casablancas.]

I am not a naïve sports fan.  Eternally optimistic? Yes.  Woefully hopeful? Sure.  Willing to find the best in most situations? You bet your bean bag.  As a lifelong Cubs fan, a Colorado Buffaloes season ticket holder during the Dan Hawkins era, and an earlier passenger on the Josh McDaniels fan bus, I have had countless glimmers of misguided optimism.  But my optimism and hope for intercollegiate athletics as an institution continues to wane in the fleeting moments of the year of our Tebow 2011.

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