Sickness and the ACA

It’s been a while. I know baby, I know I letcha down. But I’ma slide on up close to you gurrrl… I’ma slide on up… and make sweet love to your eyeballs.

Where to begin, my lovely reader-lumps? My sincerest apologies for my extended absence, but I had “Serious And Important Shit To Do.” What shit? Well, mostly, growing some fucking cancer.

Now before I kick this off, east Dallas style, let me begin by saying I’M FINE. Fine like that Amber Rose chick.

Awww yeah....

well… maybe not quite that fine, but I do have a massive ass.

Nah, I’m just fine fine fine. I’ve got Thyroid cancer, had it for ages, got diagnosed in 2009, went through all the shenanigans then, and have been merrily bitching along until I moved to Colorado and had to get all new doctors (and all new scans to establish my fine-ness). Well, unfortunately, the tests did not establish my fine-ness to the degree I’d hoped.

It's never Lupus.

Sadly, cancer does not count as personal growth.

So I have cancer again. It’s all in the lymph nodes this time, and the solution is to cut it out and that’s that. This is not REAL cancer. This was caught really early (and totally accidentally), so it’s ANNOYING cancer. Two things before I get to the point:

  1. This is not CANCER cancer. It’s not balls, colon, lung, liver, brain, skin, pancreatic, ovarian, vajayjay, or boobies. THOSE are real cancers, and if my “I have the cancer” announcement makes you feel sort of sympathetic, please go donate some money to cancer research (but not that Susan G. Komen shit) so that people with REAL cancer might have a shot.
  2. I’ve got like… 4 doctors (and not your funny Colorado doctors wink wink) just DYING to prescribe me anything I could possibly need, so while I’m recovering, I might look like I’ve been attacked by ninjas, but the world around me is gonna look like fucking STUDIO 54. [Read more…]

Morning Wood: GOP Is Losing Its S**t

So it’s no secret how much the whiteys in the GOP hate our President and Kenyan Prime Minister, Barry Hussein Obama. What I didn’t realize was just how over-the-top absurd they’ve become with that hatred, to the point that they’ve lost all sense and reason, or at least whatever sense and reason they originally possessed.

Yesterday, for the 33rd time, the GOP-controlled House voted on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare.” This wouldn’t be a big deal if the bill hadn’t already passed both houses, AND unexpectedly gotten through the Supreme Court ruling it Constitutional. Oh, and if they hadn’t already done this song and dance 32 times prior, each time knowing it wouldn’t pass the Senate, making it the emptiest of empty gestures.

Oh, and reports are that it costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million to hold a day’s session to have a vote like the one yesterday. $30 million… times 33… carry the one… $990 MILLION has been spent on legislation that those pushing the votes know unequivocally is definitely not going to pass the Senate. They might as well take that money and flush it down the toilet. And this is from the GOP, the party demanding that we “stop spending”?

Political grandstanding. Political theater. Political gamesmanship. At the cost of $30 million a shot.

Of course, the worst news isn’t for Obama, or his party, or anyone who likes the ACA. The worst news is for the GOP. By keeping this story in front of people, and by looking like spoiled children who haven’t gotten their way (three times legislatively, once by the courts, and 33 times on these useless appeals) while the country struggles through a war, crumbling infrastructure, a bad job market, and struggling schools, the GOP gives lots and lots (and LOTS!) of ammunition to Obama, the DNC, and a host of people already pissed off at the game-playing we’ve seen from the GOP in the last three and a half years.

Sigh. This is why we can’t have nice things.

On with the links: [Read more…]

The Cockpunch: Cats Are Evil Edition

The Bunk is a man with two cats. I only mention this because one of his cats, the Douchebag Formally Known As Rocky, wakes him up every morning before dawn by meowing and — get this — biting his face. The Bunk continues to soldier on with this “house pet” in the hopes that one of two things will happen: either the cat will stop biting his fucking face to wake him up, or that Shitty Kitty will accidentally fall out of his second story apartment window, accidentally not land on his feet and accidentally smash his face.

Offers to move this process along have not received a response.

Sigh. Cats, amirite? On to the links: [Read more…]

Nerd Link of the Day: Obamunism at the Last Chance Saloon

God will heal the worthy. Amputees are not worthy.
(Photo by Jason Reed/Reuters)

If one is unsure as to whether or not one lives in a laughable banana republic, there are certain clues such as:

  • A large and growing concentration of wealth among a small minority of the populace;
  • Capture of the regulatory and legislative processes by corrupt special interests;
  • A disproportionate number of incarcerated persons; or
  • Mindless devotion to nationalistic symbols like flags, anthems, and the military. Sound familiar??

HowEVAH, the one tell-tale sign that you live in a Krony Kapitalist Kleptocracy is that you can only get reliable news from the British.

While the BeeBeeCee still beams its World Service to benighted corners of the earth (like Mississippi), another venerable member of Her Majesty’s press is stepping up its coverage of the American Colonies. The Guardian newspaper, a well-endowed nonprofit organization whose mission is journalism rather than attracting eyeballs for advertising needless crap, has for several years been devoting more and more of its online coverage to events Across The Pond, to all of our benefit.

Here is the full transcript of Tuesday’s discussion of the constitutionality of the “Individual Mandate”, the cornerstone of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as well as a full report from Chris McGreal and analysis from Jim Newell, formerly of Gawker and now back at the brilliant Wonkette.

Waterloo for Soshulist Obamacare

Later to-day, Johnny Roberts & The Supremes will hear the first of three days of oral arguments as to the constitutional validity of the Dreaded Obamacare, known in the librul media as the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA) which is  yet another instance of Those Damn Leftists denying me mah freedom to be a free-riding leech on the healthcare system whilst calling their treachery something innocuous like the “Patriot Act”.

At issue: Whether Congress and the Kenyan Prime Minister Barry Hussein Obama did An Unconstitutional Thing back in Twenty-Ten by requiring most ‘Mericans to purchase a qualifying health insurance plan or face a small tax penalty.

Presently, this newspaper’s low regard for the institution of Congress should be well established. Howevah, the amateur constitutional scholars on the Editorial Board remain unconvinced that the state Attorneys General will prevail against Tyranny, at least this time around, for the following reasons:  [Read more…]

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