My friends, draw near.

If you’re a football junkie like me, you can’t wait for Peyton Manning’s 16 snap (if that) debut tonight in Chicago. If you’re like me, you’ll watch four quarters, drink too much beer, and have to take a cab home from Vincent Casablancas’ house.

If you’re like me, and preseason football is the best you can get, you’ll gladly watch every minute. Hell, I spent last Saturday at Sports Authority Field watching a scrimmage — which, if I’m being honest, was mostly drills with a couple of honest-to-god plays run at the end — and I was one of 40,000 screaming people who attended.

Again, that was a scrimmage. Those 41k? They’re like me.

There are those who would have you believe that the Broncos screwed up by trading “biggest draw in the NFL” Tim Tebow to the Jets. Those people are morons, and they are named SportsBabe Brandi and they “write” for a publication called RBLSportsNet. If you want sourceless attribution and stolen content, facts that aren’t actually facts, or really poor writing style right out of the third grade, that’s your place. They’ll tell you interesting things, like that the “Denver media” says Pat Bowlen is “bleeding cash” (no source), that the Broncos “will be on the trading blocks at some point this season” (no source, and doesn’t really make sense), and that there was “big speculation” two years ago that the Broncos would be up for sale (no such speculation ever existed).

Meanwhile, in reality (and Denver): The Broncos just drew 41,000 people on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to see a bunch of guys in pads run drills. They chanted, they did the fucking wave, and they cheered for their team. The entire team.

SportsBabe Brandi and the “staff” at RBL is full of shit. Feel free to go there and laugh at them, or troll @RBLSports on Twitter. SO MUCH FUN.

I’ll be watching the real biggest draw in the league tonight (6pm Mountain on Channel 20, which is KUSA Channel 9’s “where we put our garbage and/or non-network programming” channel; outside the Denver area, NFL Network will run a replay of the game later, but I don’t know what time SADFASE) as the Peyton Manning-led Broncos (OMG CAN U GYZ BELEEV WE GOT TEH PEYTONZ??????????) take on the Chicago Cubs Bears at Soldier Field. New daddy and occasional cat Jay Cutler will be taking about 16 snaps for the Cubs Bears, so if you want to see some professional level pouting, you know where to turn.
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An Open Letter to Lindsay H. Jones at The Denver Post

Editors note: Yesterday, the Denver Newspaper of Record continued its hero worship of departed QB/Punt Protector Tim Tebow. I took exception via Twitter with Lindsay H. Jones, the Post’s Broncos beat writer. She took exception to me taking exception, and I was invited to have a “civilized discussion about this” in more than 140 characters via email with the Post reporter.

Of course, I obliged. Here, now, are the contents of said email. (Note: I have not yet received a response. If and when I do, this will be updated with more information.)

Oh hai! I play in Denver now… but you wouldn’t know it.

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The Beginning of the End of the Beginning for Mark Sanchez

It’s eerie how much stock goes into a nameless quote. Or if the New York Daily News is to be believed, several nameless quotes.

Let me first say that I’m not a Mark Sanchez fan. I have no reason to be; he’s the quarterback of an irrelevant New York team, and before that he quarterbacked a Southern Cal team that, in my infinite wisdom, I’ve grown to love hating. I have no proverbial dog in this proverbial fight.

HowEVAH, sharing the same genus, class and species with any man will make me twist a situation to look at it from a different angle. And what I’m seeing in New York is at best tabloid journalism, and at worst doing that one thing that professional journalists are taught never to do: becoming part of the story. [Read more…]

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