The Morning Wood: Still Below 8%

Four days until the actual election day, and the one thing that could have tossed a rather sizable wrench into the works was the unemployment picture, which if you’ll recall dropped down below 8% a few weeks back, causing the GOP to lose its collective shit and start blaming non-appointed positions at the Bureau of Labor Statistics for playing politics with the numbers to help aid Bronco Bamma’s re-election chances.

Today’s report wasn’t terribly rosy, as Unemployment ticked up slightly to 7.9% for the last month, when more people joined the work force (good!) but not all of them found jobs (bad!). But there are some things to be taken from this: Of course, we’d all love the recovery to move faster, but that’s not where we’re at. I’d like to ride a unicorn to work, but I also don’t have that option. But the positives, in my opinion, outweigh the negatives in a pretty substantial way. Construction jobs improving means the housing market may be turning around at last, and that affects all of us.

Consider: 578,000 people joined the labor force, with “only” 410,000 of them finding jobs.

This is what recovery looks like. I’m sure Congress will act any moment now to make that stop.

Someone get Jack Welch on the phone. [Read more…]

Quoth the Morning Wood: “Gobble Gobble”

It’s here! It’s here! November is here!

And while you folks in the chattering/slave class may not be so excited, aristocrats like The Bunk and I simply love it. Skiing returns to most mountains in Colorado around Thanksgiving, college and pro football starts really heating up, and the Thanksgiving holiday gives us an excuse to gorge ourselves on food that isn’t from McDonald’s.

It is a special time.

Of course this year we’ve also got the erection election, so this particular November is a bit more compelling and interesting than most. [Read more…]

9/11 Mourning Wood

Every year, we have to face this date on the calendar. And every year, I’m left without words to describe the awfulness of that day, when 19 unsmiling men woke up early to fly planes into New York skyscrapers.

Honestly? After 11 years of going through it, I don’t have words for it anymore. I felt numb that day, and I feel numb now, and when I think of Osama bin Laden I wish we could kill him again. I really do. And if that makes me vengeful, then I’m vengeful. Seriously, fuck that guy.

But that event — the killing of bin Laden in a late night raid in Abottabad, Pakistan — was the only thing related to the entire event of September 11th, 2001, that could bring me any feeling of… anything. I read now about the problems with national security, about how the Bush administration knew more than they did anything about leading up to the attacks, and I feel nothing; I don’t want to think of former presidents as lazy, and out of touch, and stubborn, and refusing to listen to their advisers.

I read stories now from people complaining that President Obama “takes credit” for authorizing the raid that killed bin Laden, which just seems extremely petty when you consider that A) he was our greatest enemy as a nation, and B) some country bumpkin wrote a song about “stickin’  a boot up” bin Laden’s “ass” in a celebratory manner. But, I suppose, that bumpkin wasn’t a Democrat, and he wasn’t a black man, so he’s allowed to pre-emptively do some ass-kicking.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll mention that today, 9/11 doesn’t seem so dark.

With bin Laden dead, we should all be spiking footballs.

Because for the second September 11th in a row, America can continue to heal without that scourge on our minds.

Because he’s gone. And he’s not coming back. [Read more…]

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