Denver Broncos: New Uniforms On The Horizon?

Tim Tebow is about to do it again, folks. Be ready.

No, he’s not going to bring Denver from behind again to get an unlikely win. (I mean, he might. This is Tim Tebow we’re talking about. He leads comeback victories like Newt Gingrich makes crazy statements, which is to say “with regularity.”) But he may well lead the league in jerseys sold for the second time when the Broncos change their look in 2012.

What you see above is NOT the Broncos’ new uniform. It is unlikely that the white-horse/orange D will ever return to the Broncos’ logo, as they’re not looking to go back in time.

We’ve all heard about the Broncos’ plan to return to the Return to Orange. This is not news.

What has not been discussed, at least not at length, is the likelihood that the team will change uniform styles completely, doing away with the “suspender” look and going back to a more traditional, hard-nosed football uniform.

Less dash, more smash. [Read more…]

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