The Cockpunch: Chuck Klosterman Edition

So I’ve been in this cycle lately wherein I read Chuck Klosterman’s excellent Killing Yourself to Live, which is ostensibly about dead rock stars but also has several truths about our generation in this current day and age. It’s a marvelous read, and I recommend it to anyone who likes compelling writing, great storytelling, and many funny ha ha.

Thing of it is, I can’t put it down. I purchased it for Ye Olde iPad around Christmas, and have read it no fewer than three times since. Airports. Hanging at home. In the park. I can’t get enough of the stories, and of the writing style, that make Klosterman such a fun read.

So it was with great pleasure that I learned of Chuck’s ascension to the position of Ethicist with filthy librul rag The New York Times.

Do I know what an ethicist is, or does? No, I do not. Going out on a limb, I’d say it’s likely that he’s to write about ethics. Now, I have no personal knowledge of Mr. Klosterman’s personal ethics, nor his ability to write about them. However, I do feel he’s a fairly astute observer of humans and their motivations for action, so I think he’ll do quite well. Plus, I’ll get to read him more often.

And maybe I can finally put down Killing Yourself to Live. On to the links:
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