You Are Being Lied to About Social Security and the Federal Budget

From time to time, your correspondent will take a reprieve from Marxist dick jokes to educate his faithful readership on a Very Serious Matter. This is one of those times when both major ‘Merican political parties are guilty of inconsistent logic at best, and at worst are having their cake and eating it with regard to the medium term fiscal direction of this failed nation.

Yesterday, the gross national debt breached an arbitrary figure: $16 trillion. That is one hell of a lot of money, and you can bet that every GOPee official with enough tech savvy to use Twitter was up in arms about how this portended one thousand years in the wilderness for Amerika if the spendthrift Kenyan Prime Minister Barack Hussein Obama should be reëlected.

That notion is not worth any further examination, and is conveniently not what is at issue here today. Rather, it is how each political party approaches the federal deficit and how those approaches relate to their policies regarding how Social Security should be funded.

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