An Essay on Rhetorical Greens: Should the Bohn Salad be Tossed?

You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna pour another glass of wine and finish this god damn script. But you know what I’m gonna do before that? Procrastinate and give you a piece of my uninformed yet shockingly savvy CU Buff mind. How is this strange dichotomy possible you ask? Astute question, my cute little* Buff Fan.

It was bred into me, and no matter how many football games I ignored while shivering next to my dad at Folsom Field, I guess I absorbed something more than hot dogs and BeerSmell™, like this little tidbit: Paul McCartney knows what he’s talking about cause he’s been there, and he was pretty good at his job. Amazingly, same goes Bill McCartney.

Shocking, right? Here’s my two cents:

Seems a few of ya’ll think a bad couple seasons = bad coaching. How about we simplify things for you ladies? [Read more…]


The Last Candidate Standing

Dear Mike Bohn,

Since your impulsive and short-sighted decision to fire Jon Embree, my disillusionment with your leadership of the University of Colorado athletic program has grown by the hour.

Thus far, you have offered virtually no insight into the reasons for Embree’s firing other than:

  • It was your idea, conceived in isolation, over the course of the past week or so; and
  • The program trajectories were headed in the wrong direction.

I anxiously await some clarity of your analysis of the Embree era.  Frankly, I would settle for an acknowledgement that Embree was hired to make a U-turn in a sinking, archaic, Soviet-constructed battleship, that he was hired to do so as the lowest paid head coach in a BCS conference, and that the school failed to alleviate any of the unnecessary baggage it heaps on the desk of its head coach.  [Read more…]

The Candidates

The Glorious People’s Republick of Boulder

Day #3 of the aftermath of the Jon Embree firing is on the books in Boulder, and with the exception of some comments from university president Bruce Benson very few glimmers of clarity have been shared with Buff fans. The most important order of business remains – hiring a new head football coach to be the face of the wayward athletic department.

In consideration of the criteria that athletic director Mike Bohn has shared, your faithful correspondent is left to conclude that the only remaining realistic candidates are:

  • Utah State head coach Gary Anderson;
  • Fresno State head coach Tim DeRuyter;
  • San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre; and
  • Former California head coach Jeff Tedford.

Given Bohn’s stated objective that the new Colorado head coach has previous head coaching experience, it seems unlikely that the school will be interested in Washington defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox, San Francisco 49ers (and former Stanford) offensive coordinator Greg Roman, and Stanford defensive coordinator Derek Mason.

[Read more…]

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