Morning Wood: Let Me Be Your Fantasy

Had my fantasy draft last night at the home of another local celebrity blogger. Killed it, because that’s what I do. I’d like to have a bit better option at RB than I do (LeSean McCoy, Ben Tate, Peyton Hillis, steal-of-the-draft Alfred Morris), but I’ve got excellent moving parts at QB (Matt Ryan, Cutlerfucker, Andy Dalton and, hopefully, if my waiver claim works out, Russell Wilson) even though four is a bit absurd; I’m hoping to use one of them as trade bait in week 2 or 3. And having options is never that bad of a thing.

Otherwise, I got the receiver I wanted (Eric Decker), the tight end I mostly wanted (Aaron Hernandez, with burning hot desire for the Gronk), and well-slotted other players.

I feel good.

On with the links (because nothing is more boring that hearing about someone ELSE’S fantasy football team. My apologies): [Read more…]

Expecting the Post to Stop Covering Tebow? “Not Going To Happen.”

You heathens may well remember me taking The Denver Post Broncos beat writer Lindsay H. Jones to task last week for her paper’s constant TMZ-style reporting of departed fullback/punt protector Tim Tebow. I did this in an open-letter, and said that if I heard back from her, I’d update this story here.

This is that update. [Read more…]

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