The Morning Wood is a Lying Sack of Mitt

Last night, the life-like computer simulation Willard Mittens “Mitt” Romney accepted the nomination of the Grand Olde Party to deport Bammerz Hussein back to Indonesia/Hawaii/Kenya, the alleged land of his birth, in front of a howling crowd of sheeple whose equivalent of “four legs good, two legs ba-a-a-a-d” was “USA, USA!” as if this was the Olympic Mental Gymnastics competition.

Romneybot will fail, because with every passing day you will hear more stories like this, where it is revealed that not only did Mittenz not save bank depositors $30 million by successfully restructuring Bain & Company as he has told us, he actually fleeced them for $10 million while paying bonuses to executives who could not have earned them by any rational performance measure.

Like all those who rant against the federal gubmint, Mittens Romney and his investors benefited from a federal program (in this case, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) more than most, and lied about it until they believed the lies to soothe the guilt of their rank hypocrisy.

Something, something, THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS, MITTENZ. Maybe the angel Moroni forgot to give that magick plate to Joseph Smith?

Fuck that guy. Let’s go to the links.

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