The Economic Case for Civil Unions in Colorado

Longer: Six more weeks of winter, or McNulty’s political career?

Colorado statehouse representative Frank McNulty (R-Highlands Ranch) is a cynical little toad, but you knew that already.

Rather than being honest with voters, which would sound something like “I’m perverting the democratic process because the drooling oogedy-boogedy wing of my party told me to”, Fucknuts McNulty’s spin machine has instead attacked Governor John Hickenlooper for attempting to exploit “divisive social issues” through his convening of a special legislative session. The embattled House leadership claims to be more interested in “doing the people’s business”, which consists chiefly of bribery carving out tax loopholes for special interests in exchange for campaign donations at the implicit expense of lower-income college students.

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The Last Night of the Republican Majority

It took legislative acrobatics, two hours of recess by Colorado House Speaker Frank McNulty (R-Perdition), then assignment to his pet “kill committee” on the first day of special session, to finally kill off a popular measure that he knew would be a loser for him personally. Shit, even The Denver Post got it right, and they’re the most wantonly obtuse members of the fifth estate that we’ve ever heard of.

We have made no secret of our disdain for Mr. McNulty and his personal crusade to kill civil rights in this state, but yesterday his hyperbole took a drastic turn towards the comedic. Away from Civil Rights Boulevard and right on up Crazypants Alley. [Read more…]

Can I Be The Information Minister?

Several of our three readers may have noticed that the editors of this periodically intelligent periodical like to crack jokes about the Kenyan Prime Minister B. HUSSEIN Obama and His Reserve Army of Unemployed schwartzen. It’s an easy way to mock the confused amalgamation of racism and jingoism that greets Barry from the paranoid fringe every time he speaks; referring to the President as the Prime Minister is yet another way of making him sound vaguely foreign and ipso facto suspicious, but only for luls you guys.

But what if ‘Merica did have a Prime Minister? An unsparing review from Richard Hasen over at Slate of a new book by Thomas Mann (Brookings Institution) and Norman Ornstein (American Enterprise Institute) called It’s Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided With the New Politics of Extremism offers the tantalizing prospect of Parliament as a workable solution to a hyper-partisan Washington.  [Read more…]

The Filibuster That Launched a Million FABULOUS Campaign Donations

It doesn’t have to be a total loss, though this morning there are people waking up in this country who STILL do not have the same rights as the rest of us. And for them, well… All that I can say is that America is a tough place sometimes.

And it causes your correspondent no shortage of sadness and disappointment that, for the first time, I’m angry to be a Coloradan. This is not the way the process is supposed to work; watching Representative after Representative, pot bellied and smug, smiling and mocking the gallery full of supporters for SB 002 while they launched into tirades against the federal government over the use of — I shit you not — trans fats in school lunches.

I repeat: Fat, bloated Reps tromping to the podium to defend their liberty to feed kids food that’s not good for them.

Hooray for representative democracy. [Read more…]

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