Facebook Flash Crash

There are probably some important things happening in ‘Merica today, like Arizona being all racist again or CIA drones operating in domestic airspace. But let’s face it: you don’t care about that (boring, AMIRITE?), and therefore neither do we.

Since Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is about 104 billion times more of a priority in your life, today’s Nerd Link O’ the Day is dedicated to it, and to you my pretties.

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All of Your Money are Belong to Facebook

Today, rich people will get richer by separating fools from their money.

“But doesn’t that happen every day, The Bunk?”, you say.

“Yes, yes it does”, I reply, scrounging for coins with which to caffeinate myself so as to suppress hunger.

But today is a special day. It is the day when The Facebook, the best thing that’s happened to narcissism since the invention of the mirror, becomes a publicly traded company. Double freedom!

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All Your Monies Are Belong To Facebook

Image Via AdWeek
So by now you’ve heard about the acquisition of photo sharing social network Instagram by the big brains at Facebook. It is the opinion of your faithful correspondent that Facebook now runs the world, and we all just live on their blue marble of a planet.

However, it’s also the opinion of your faithful correspondent that Facebook may have made a giant blunder with this acquisition. $1 Billion dollars for a non-monetized mobile photo booth? Really? [Read more…]

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