Morning Wood: The Long Game

Everyone watched Barack HUSSEIN O’Bummer’s speech last night, right?

“He hates America so much, doesn’t he? Like, he just wants a… he’s looking for a… global… /wordsoup

Sure, there were a few overstatements. There always are in political speeches, particularly at conventions (except when Paul Ryan is speaking; he just cuts out the middle man and lies directly to all of our faces because BOOTSTRAPS and MUSLIMS), when accomplishments are shone from behind with a bright light to make them look enormous. Ol’ Barry’s speech was good. Not Michelle Obama good, and not Bill Clinton good, but good. He’s a smart man, and on the whole he has good ideas for the country.

But my favorite part of Barry HUSSEIN’s speechifyin’ is his steadfast refusal to sell us plans that create bubbles rather than create a solid economy. Our infrastructure is crumbling around us. Our public transportation is a fucking joke. He said it in 2008, and he said it again last night: this isn’t an easy process, getting a giant economy on track again. Given the mess he was left with — ZOMG U CANT BLAME BUSH 4 DIS TAYK SUM RESPONSBILLSDLJTY! — he’s done a fairly masterful job of getting the economy moving. [Read more…]

The Morning Wood Has A Crush


She’s beautiful, well-spoken, strong, intelligent, funny, can throw a punch, has taken more than her share, and last night, she delivered the knockout blow.

Yes, we are crushin’. Hard.

I’m like thisclose to standing outside the White House in a trench coat, holding a boom box over my head playing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel, an idea which may get me beaten up or killed by the Secret Service. Probably both.

But I can’t help it anymore. Michelle, you so strong. Hey girl, if you ever want to leave the most powerful man in the world and be with a blogger in Denver, I totes can help move your furniture. [Read more…]

Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?

“The one on your right is for all you Poors. The one on the left, that’s for you, Grandma.”

This is the question being posed by the GOP this week in Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the Democratic National Convention. The Romney campaign thinks the American people like re-runs — Ronnie Raygun used this same question during the 1980 election to oust incumbent peanut farmer Jimmy Carter — and will simply go along and answer with the negative.

Problem is, Americans still sometimes like to think for themselves. And four years ago today, in September of 2008, with Republican George W. Bush in the Oval Office, the Great Recession took a particularly nasty dive downward. There were few at that time who weren’t affected in one way or another by the awful policies of the GWB, so literally four years ago today? Yeah, we’re much better off now than we were then. So is most of America, real or otherwise.

Of course, for Americans to see that for themselves requires a bit more self-awareness than we generally display during an election season, but… We have hope. Hope for change, we suppose.

The new superstar of the RNC, Chairman Reince Priebus, is the one espousing this line of thinking. To the block quote! [Read more…]

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