Mike Klis Went Full Retard

Mike Klis: Forever Undead

As a lad, my underpaid, under-documented nanny Lupita told me in broken English, “if joo don’ have anyseeng nice to say, don’ say anyseeng at all.” She was a good woman, but we had her deported anyway.

The lesson stuck, though. So I will just give you the link to a blog I respect (note that it is NOT run by the Denver Post, as I will not give them another pageview, directly or indirectly) and a writer who hasn’t become a zombie: LINK

And then I will wish you a good day, and pray that someday soon we are allowed to have nice things and decent media in the city of Denver.

Expecting the Post to Stop Covering Tebow? “Not Going To Happen.”

You heathens may well remember me taking The Denver Post Broncos beat writer Lindsay H. Jones to task last week for her paper’s constant TMZ-style reporting of departed fullback/punt protector Tim Tebow. I did this in an open-letter, and said that if I heard back from her, I’d update this story here.

This is that update. [Read more…]

The Denver Post Doesn’t Know Tim Tebow Is Gone

Pictured: Mike Klis’ hidden camera footage of his golden ticket

Frankly, I find it terrible that we don’t have a decent press corps in this town.

Back in the days of being a two-newspaper town — before, of course, the two famously merged creating one massive paper that couldn’t pay its bills instead of two — there was some integrity, some creativity, some competition for stories and interviews and that one four-letter word that was actually marginally important: News.

It’s become an embarrassment. [Read more…]

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