The Daily Dickpunch Top 5 Posts of 2011

Can't spell "blog" without "O-G."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve only been around for a month or so, really. How can we have a “Top Posts” post for the year-end? BECAUSE WE SAID SO, AND FOR FREEDOM®, and because everyone else is doing it. And if everyone else jumped off a bridge we’d definitely have some thinking to do on whether or not we’d join in the party. First question I’d ask: “How many pageviews will we get?”

So what have we learned in this Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand And Eleven? Well, for one thing people REALLY like Tim Tebow. Or hate him. There doesn’t seem to be any discernible middle ground. We also learned that “Daily Dickpunch” as a site name is only a detriment if you let it become one (and we haven’t, and won’t, so there). Also, the only thing more popular than Tim Tebow appears to be the Montana Grizzlies football team, making them easily “Bigger than Jesus.”

Our top posts of the year:

5. Navin Johnson weighed in prior to the debacle of the last two weeks, claiming that what we’re seeing from the 2011 Broncos is exactly what noted pariah Josh McDaniels had in mind while he was ruining the team putting the team together.

4. Vincent Casablancas’s excellent Denver Nuggets preview, These Nuggets Will Contend. The great VC has a bright future in blogging provided we can get him to start dropping some F-bombs.

3. A real, live girl weighs in on how Tim Tebow popped her cherry. And despite that description, it’s totally safe for work. How did we she do it? MAGIC (and/or Biblical influence).

2. The Bunk’s vaguely disturbing alter ego J. Daniel Bateman had some strong takes on Tim Tebow and his future in politics working for the 1%ers. Warning: this post is not for the easily offended.

1. My write up and preview about Montana Grizzly football, as well as Washington-Grizzly Stadium in Missoula. Not the greatest thing ever written by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly a lot of page views. As we’ve stated more than once here, we’re definitely whores for the PV.

Happy Fucking New Year, peasants.

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