Some Things We Learned from Real Madrid (3) 2-1 (3) Bayern Munich

LOL #RonaldoFAIL

When your correspondent awoke this morning to regale you with tales of teh soccerz, he at first could not remember much of the details of the UEFA Champions League semifinal second leg showdown between The Master Race Bayern Munich and General Franco Real Madrid. Due to meetings and the fact that I don’t currently have cable, I couldn’t watch the match live and therefore avoided the twitterbox, facebooks, and soccernets all afternoon to stay blissfully unaware of the scoreline, the better to enjoy the digital video recording at Magic Sam’s house later, with hors d’oeuvres and freedom on the side.

But not that generic ‘Merican freedom, the one that has strong notes of tacky nationalism and an aftertaste of gunpowder. No, this was the fancy imported Euro variety, with pronounced hints of universal healthcare coverage, generous vacation time, and sensible attitudes towards vice. [Read more…]

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