With Our Tails Between Our Legs

Last night, those of you who tracked our live tweetcast on #DDPElection saw my optimistic side.  My call might have been reasonable given polling trends, campaign momentum, or exit polls, but I left out one major consideration.  Whether due to oversight or ignorance, I didn’t realize that the Republican Party had completely and utterly lost its fucking way.

To put it simply, we got whupped last night, in almost every possible way, and the results need to be a wake-up call to the national party.

National trends indicate that Obama’s voting coalition – blocs of primarily African-American, Hispanic, Jewish, female, and young voters, among others – delivered huge margins for him, more than making up for his deficits among white voters, seniors and men.  Romney seems to have made significant strides in many of Obama’s niches – namely Jews and young voters – but nationally, it can be argued that the demographic that doomed him the most were blue-collar white men.  These voters had huge impact in the Rust Belt and other competitive Midwest states – Obama’s so-called “firewall” and the source of much of Romney’s recent momentum.  (P.S.  I don’t think this momentum ever existed.  I feel pretty duped right now, especially after seeing the numbers expanding in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc.)  It’s clear that these voters did not view the economy as gloomily as we thought the media thought they thought it was, and perhaps that was enough to give Obama the gap he needed for the win. (Giggity.)

However, the economy is far from the Republican Party’s biggest issue. [Read more…]

DDP Staff Endorses Four More Years of Kenyan Anti-Colonialism

[UPDATE: Sorry for the technical glitch. The full post has been restored.]

Good morning, anchor babies.

In lieu of the Morning Wood, we asked our vaunted staff writers to weigh in on the presidential election. No equivocating, no waffling, no “on the other hand”. We asked them point blank: Who is your choice, and why?

We asked our intrepid staff this vital question on short notice, because we are disorganized and (more often than not) hung over. They delivered in a major way. Please find their inspired responses below.

[Editor’s Note: Because this publication is Fair and Balanced™, we also reached out to our more thoughtful conservative friends for their final impressions on this Most Important Election Ever, Until The Next One and will post their responses throughout the morning.]
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Enter The Lovely Miss XXX

Hi guys & galz,

I’m XXX, a long time reader of this tacky sleaze but a first time contributor, so please be gentle!

You must have so many questions for me, like:

Are you nuts?
I wonder about that sometimes, like basically the entire ~4 months that the state legislature is in session.

Why are you associating with these characters?
Because I’ve seen people reading it and heard people talking about it. I hadn’t really thought of contributing, but I genuinely believe that some of their recent stuff would (with some editing, LOL) be worthy of some of the better comedy blogs/websites in Amerika.

[Editor’s note: BLUSH… Ohstop… Tell us more.] [Read more…]

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