What Four More Years™ Means to the Cockpunching Community, Part 2

Earlier this morning, we brought you the first half of our terrific submissions from veteran and newbie Daily Dick Punch contributors regarding what a second term for That One (Barry Obama) meant to them. 

Here’s the second batch of responses, with Original DDP Gangsta Magic Sam rounding things up on behalf of the editors. 

Onward and upward, hijos de la chingada!

New-ish DDPee contributor Zentrist is three-for-three, ladies and gentlemen:

Disclaimer: I voted for Gary Johnson.

This does not mean I am going to pull a Donald Trump regarding the Presidential election outcome. I voted for Gary because I felt he was the best man for the job. If Gary had not run, I would not have voted for Mittens Romney and likely would have voted for Obama despite being a bit disappointed with his first term.

HOWEVAH, I understand this is how the electoral process works. More importantly, the time for debating our choices on Election Day is over. It’s time to move forward and figure out exactly how we are going to get out of the mess that currently exists.  [Read more…]

What Four More Years™ Means to the Cockpunching Community, Part 1

Yesterday, we made you all a simple solitication: A penny for i.) your thoughts about what a second term for Noted Afrikan Warlord B. HUSSEIN Obama means to you and ii.) various unspecified sexual favors. Let’s just say we were quite… satisfied with your response.

So much so that in the interest of brevity we had to bifurcate your submissions into two distinct blog posts, because we are Dividers, Not Uniters. Here’s the first batch:  [Read more…]

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