Some Cracks in the Foundation of the Failed War on Drugs

One day, our beloved federal gubmint might adopt sensible policies towards marijuana and other narcotics. That day is not likely to come soon, certainly not soon enough for those who are incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses, and it may never happen at all because at this point it’s probably more likely that we’ll all be incinerated in a nuclear holy war, for freedom.

As a majority of our three readers know all too well, this Serious Weblog derides AmeriKKKa and the drooling half-wits who send people like Mike Conaway and Jefferson “P.G.T.” Beauregard Sessions (named after not just one confederate traitor, but two!) to the halls of Congress. HOWEVAH, there are some signs that Hope & Change™ may be coming to a head shop near you. [Read more…]

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