Come And Listen To My Story About A Man Named Jay

So this past weekend, ESPN analyst Tom Jackson got up in arms about Chicago Bears Jay Cutler not saying hello to a security guard and that this proves the point that There’s Something About Jay Cutler, where it may be nothing but it’s still something.

And that prompted the likes of Awful Announcing to go into detail about what goes into the Extremely Stupid Pundit Narrative.

But in Cutler’s case, the narrative isn’t always about how Awful Announcing describes it — there are those guilty of making Cutler out to be better than he really is. [Read more…]

The Intellectual Dishonesty Of The Gee Oh Pee

The other day, I wrote that one of the things the GOPers need to keep in mind about the next four years is they can’t just appeal to Hispanics by nominating Marco Rubio.

For that matter, they can’t just expect to appeal to a certain demographic by nominating somebody from that demographic.

Douglas Lee at It’s All Over Fat Man brings up an excellent point about how “analysts” go about their business in discussing rookie quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III — long story short, Luck is supposed to be the classic dropback passer while RG3 is all about ATHLETICISM and somehow we should be surprised when either guy shows us stuff that goes outside the lines of the picture we want to paint.

As Doug sums it up: It’s intellectually dishonest.

And that’s one of our biggest problems with politics. Too much discussion is intellectually dishonest (read: Extremely Stupid Pundit Narrative) and no better example can be found that the GOP trying to figure out what went wrong in 2012. [Read more…]

The Zentrist Guide To Fiscal Conservatism, Part Two

As you dear readers may recall, I expressed my belief that the GOP these days does not have a clue about what fiscal conservatism is really all about, talking about why we have a tax code that is just too darn complicated and that a simplified code would go a long way to addressing concerns that real fiscal conservatives have.

But then comes the spending side — and like the revenue side, real fiscal conservatives don’t see it the way the current incarnation of the GOP wants it to be.

A real fiscal conservative knows you can’t just balance the budget by cutting foreign aid and things such as funding for Planned Parenthood and National Public Radio — while there are arguments that can be made for whether or not the government should spend money on these things, real fiscal conservatives know that spending amounts to just a drop in the bucket.

A real fiscal conservative knows that plenty of military spending is excessive and outright wasteful — as in, those working in the Pentagon say they have enough to fill military needs but stuff is bought anyway just to pacify some defense contractor who says, “Well, if I’m paying taxes to the government, I better get something in return or else I’m gonna pull your election funding away, sucker!” [Read more…]

The Zentrist Guide To Fiscal Conservatism, Part One

[Editor’s Note: People talk about “fiscal conservatism” a lot. What is this mysterious thing that never seems to actually happen when those who preach its importance actually gain control of the levers of power? New contributor Zentrist will clue you in.]

As someone who thinks of himself as a centrist who leans fiscally conservative, I can only shake my head at what seems to pass for conservatism these days.  [Read more…]

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