So Now What?

goodbye1Good morning, peasants.

It is with a great deal little bit of sadness that Detective Bunk Moreland and I have decided to pursue some projects not involving dick jokes or dick punching or the like, such as movie scripts, and TV pilots, and reality show ideas, and x-ray specs. Because of this, our little concern, heretofore known as “The Daily Dickpunch,” will cease to exist in its current incarnation once 2013 begins.

And between now and then, what with the holidays and decking the halls and me possibly breaking my ribs, maybe, we just aren’t going to be posting daily dispatches on the page you’re currently reading. So you’ll have to get your fix of dix elsewhere.

If you’re good — and you’ve been very, very good to us, to the tune of more than 65,000 hits over the year or so we’ve been making this a Daily Dickpunch — we’ll give you a winter break reading list to tide you over until the first of the year.

And sure, if something comes up that needs a-bloggin’, we’ll post it and you’ll see it on our Facebook or Twitter, and then you’ll read it, and then you’ll think about what might have been and what you might have done differently to keep this fate at bay just a little while longer.

And, because the good Detective and I are assholes, the first anyone is hearing of this is this very blog post, so to our intrepid reporters, thank you for your hard work and excellent writing; we couldn’t have done it without you. You’re always welcome to post more things while we’re on this break or during the start of the next phase, whenever that begins and whatever it looks like.

So, I say to you all: adieu. Have fun storming the castle.


  1. Mlle. Bébé Gottbach, Ph.D says:


    Where will I go to bitch about things?! God.. I’ll have to like…. make friends and shit.

    But also, thanks for recruiting me on the twitterbox and giving me the opportunity to punch-a-dick right in its face. I know that didn’t make a lot of sense, but I think you get it. I think you get me…

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