The Morning Wood is on the RG3 Wagon

bitchesWell, that was something.

Giants/Redskins is always one hell of a game, with emotions on high and logic on low and people getting their knees destroyed, and last night was no exception to those very important rules. But holy hell, is Robert Griffin III the real deal or what? He’s more real deal than Real Deal Holyfield. More genuine than Ginuwine. And he may well be the best rookie in college football.

Sure, Andrew Luck is having a good season in Indianapolis, and both franchises are going to be very happy with their respective quarterbacks for a very, very long time. We know this.

But is Luck earning Rookie of the Year honors? Or will it be Griffin III?

Luck is workmanlike (something something GRITTY), Griffin spectacular. Luck is consistent, while Griffin runs a bit more hot and cold (and the hot is… wowza).

luckEither way, you’re not going to be able to argue the ROY choice, and neither will I, barring some crazy circumstance over the next several weeks. Each man has his team in playoff contention, and given these two squads is a feat in and of itself.

But boy oh boy, you just can’t look away when RG3 is on the screen. And that might matter most of all.

Want a recap, gif-style, of last night’s NFC East showdown? Here that is. I’d suggest you scroll past the gif of Giants lineman Sean Locklear getting his knee absolutely pulverized into a mush of bone, cartilage and dust, and just look at the good stuff.

Politicalness and/or Media Meltdowns because in this case they really are the same thing!
Apparently Roger Ailes had his handpicked presidential candidate all ready to go in 2011, and was ready to bankroll the whole thing for a womanizing military man. That’s right: Roger Ailes was pushing to have wife-cheater David Petraeus run for the Republican nomination in 2011/2012. Ailes may have retired to run the entire campaign! Because he is a kingmaker, you see, what with his huge cable network and ability to influence the dumbest minds in America! The original story from Bob Woodward is HERE.

But wait, you’re saying, news networks can’t run their own candidate! And I say to you that you are naive and stupid and should probably go back to bed. Ailes has been doing this garbage for years. Glad you’ve now been shown some proof besides the obvious proof of having the Republican talking points forced down your throat on a nightly basis. Idiot.

That’s all for today. More things will be forthcoming.

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