Nocturnal Emissions on Climate Change

If you were born anytime after 1985, you have never experienced a month where global temperatures were lower than their long run average. If climate change is a myth invented by noted soshulists The U.S. Military and multinational insurance companies, the probability that we would experience almost 350 consecutive months of temperatures above average is somewhere south of the square root of fuckall.

The editors of this environmentally conscious e-magazine would like to point you to the Climate Denial Crock of the Week, a series of YouTube videos that do the Lord’s work debunking the silly things you might hear about climate change from apologists for the petrochemical, factory farming, and Christian Dominionist industries.

Hurricane Sandy was the largest hurricane ever measured in the North Atlantic as measured by diameter, low pressure, and basically any other metric you can think of. Could anthropomorphic climate change have anything to do with it, or was it just caused by solar flares/biased data/enviro-terrorist librul scientists?


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