The Morning Wood: Leftovers

Ha, ha, Thanksgiving just happened so you totally have leftovers in your fridge, you DICK! A variation of that is how nearly every blog post and article is going to start for you this morning; ready yourself.

Actually, there was much that happened this weekend we were all so thankful for the things we had and then threatened to stab people in line at K-Mart because they had something we didn’t, or got into fights over plastic crap, or got arrested. Special times, my dear Bros. America wins again.

Thanksgiving is a sporting weekend as well, and lived up to the billing of “Sam’s Favorite Holiday” by stuffing me with turkey and potatoes and stuffing and cranberry and beer and wine and whiskey and mushrooms and marijuana (IT’S LEGAL NOW, MOM, GOSH). I got to watch the Broncos win ugly in Kansas City, which was just a treat. And then heard the bizarre news that the Colorado Buffaloes were firing head coach John Embree after just two years running the program; remember, they gave Dan Hawkins FIVE years, and he was taking over a winning program. Hooray for the continued non-excellence of CU decisions, especially in the light of this study, performed by the University of Colorado, regarding the benefits of firing your head football coach. Spoiler alert: there’s no benefit.

For a roundup of all the funniest moments from this week in the NFL, click HERE.

Death & Taxes!
So, this is good news. Even the GOP is turning its back on anti-tax crusader/moron Grover Norquist’s pledge to never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER raise taxes, ever, because taxed enough already or something. Good news, because with that bullshit “pledge” out of the way, the government can actually set about fixing things which are broken by collecting tax revenues from the populace. Which, you know, was kind of the idea in the first place.

Owning things!
Are you going to shop on Cyber Monday or Cyber Week or Cyber Whateverthefucktheyrecallingitnow? You ARE? Here are some tips, you fantastic capitalist you.

There’s more coming today, so be sure to check back in later.

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