Logan Is No Buffalo

The University of Colorado announced the firing of head football coach Jon Embree on Sunday evening.  I am not tuned into 850 KOA at the moment, but I imagine a multitude of local callers will share their strong conviction that the man to replace Embree is none other than KOA employee, high school football coach, and CU alum Dave Logan.

Dave Logan has led successful football programs at four area high schools (Arvada West, Chatfield, Mullen, and Cherry Creek).  He has won multiple state championships, hundreds of games, and coaching awards.  Prior to beginning his coaching career in 1993 Logan was an all-time great Buff and a successful NFL football player.  Today, he is the popular radio play-by-play voice of the Denver Broncos and a talk show personality on local radio.

The hiring of Dave Logan as the head coach of the Colorado football program would be a bigger mistake than firing Embree after only two seasons.  Despite his status as a successful high school coach and local legend, Logan lacks the requisite coaching, recruiting, and organizational experience to run the University of Colorado football program.

Logan’s resume does not add up to the necessary skill set required to lead a major Division I college football program, especially in the challenging conditions in the People’s Republic.  

Coaching high school football, especially in a relatively average football state like Colorado, pales in comparison to the requirements for coaching major college football.  At every stop, Logan has coached Division I football talent against opponents that often lack it.  His excellent winning percentage and championship success are undoubtedly reflective of his knowledge of the game, but those accomplishments are more reflective of the talent level of his squads over the past 20 years.

While Dave Logan may be a wonderful football coach, the necessary evidence of that cannot be seen in his scholastic coaching accomplishments.  The tactical coaching skills required to win high school football games in Colorado fall far short of the needs of the Colorado Buffaloes.  Further, Logan has never recruited a player (to play college football, at least), never dealt with rigid admissions standards or deeply bureaucratic oversight, and never studied tape of the Oregon Ducks offense for anything more than personal entertainment.

Dave Logan is not fit to take over his alma mater’s football program. Agree or disagree with the firing of Jon Embree, there is no accurate comparison between the qualifications of Embree and Logan.  In the eyes of the University of Colorado’s administration, Embree and his twenty years of collegiate and professional coaching were not enough to resuscitate the failing program.

Twenty years of coaching high school football in Colorado is not enough either.

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