The Intellectual Dishonesty Of The Gee Oh Pee

The other day, I wrote that one of the things the GOPers need to keep in mind about the next four years is they can’t just appeal to Hispanics by nominating Marco Rubio.

For that matter, they can’t just expect to appeal to a certain demographic by nominating somebody from that demographic.

Douglas Lee at It’s All Over Fat Man brings up an excellent point about how “analysts” go about their business in discussing rookie quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III — long story short, Luck is supposed to be the classic dropback passer while RG3 is all about ATHLETICISM and somehow we should be surprised when either guy shows us stuff that goes outside the lines of the picture we want to paint.

As Doug sums it up: It’s intellectually dishonest.

And that’s one of our biggest problems with politics. Too much discussion is intellectually dishonest (read: Extremely Stupid Pundit Narrative) and no better example can be found that the GOP trying to figure out what went wrong in 2012.

Le’ts start with our first contestant, Charlie Krauthammer, who goes on about what the Gee Oh Pee needs to do to attract Hispanics, hitting on the usual stuff people like him believe about why Hispanics should be GOPers but the Gee Oh Pee can’t get them on board because something something THE ILLEGALS.

Charlie’s diatribe is no different from the bulk of conservative pundits looking for answers. The talk is all about how the Gee Oh Pee isn’t getting the black vote, the Hispanic vote, the female vote, the working poor vote, the Jewish vote, the Muslim vote, the gay vote, the legalize-weed vote, the I-can’t-stand-Karl-Rove vote….

Oh, sorry, I got carried away there.

Let’s get to the point: If the GOPers want to win the votes of a certain demographic, they won’t do that by simply touting a party member who fits a particular demographic, then just toutin an issue that you think is important to that demographic and expect that demographic will come flocking to you in droves.

Let’s try this: Take these four black individuals who are or have been prominent in the political scene: Barack Obama, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas and Rev. Al Sharpton.

You have four individuals who have differing views on political issues. They don’t all think about things the same way. Given that you have four black people who don’t think alike, how can anyone possibly think you just nominate one black person and tout one issue that’s supposedly important to them and think the black population will flock to you?

Rather, it requires looking deeper into the issues that black people may face today. Part of that can be done by looking at the backgrounds of the four individuals I mentioned, the challenges they faced in life, what they thought about what helped or hurt them, then use that to put a bigger picture together. At that point, you might get a better understanding about issues.

The same applies to Hispanics, women, the poor or any other demographic. Just slapping a general characterization on a particular demographic, or taking a member of any demographic and molding that individual to fit into a neat, little compartment isn’t going to lead to any real solutions.

If the Gee Oh Pee really wants to broaden its appeal, it can start by getting a deeper understanding of the issues that are important to people — not just falling into the ESPN trap from Charlie and company.

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