The Morning Wood is Sincere

We get accused of a lot of things here at this little Dick Joke Emporium you’ve come to love tolerate. “The editors are extremely bright, handsome and talented.” True. “That Bowtie guy is a centrist Democrat; I think he’s putting me on.” VERY true, even if he doesn’t know it. “Mlle. Bébé Gottbach – Ph.D is the hottest thing since sliced bread.” Yep.

But one thing you could never accuse the members of this site of is being insincere.

It’s a trait that we — all of us — share with our newly re-elected President, Mr. Barack Hussein Nobama Soetero Benghazi A-La Mutombo.

That was brought into stark relief last night, as I finally saw the video that had been flying around the interwebz for a few hours and is likely everywhere today.

What it shows is the real deal.

The point is this: There have been many questions about the President’s birthplace, his upbringing, his religion and whether or not he loves this country. Claims that he “hates America.” Claims that he’s “a fascist Socialist,” whatever the hell that is. That he’s not our President, doesn’t share our values, and is trying to bring down the country from the inside.

Those people should go pound fucking sand.

This is a man who belongs in our highest office, because he wants to help people who need help.

This is a sense of duty, of responsibility to our President. And I could not be happier that he is where he is.

Oh, but I only voted for him because he’s black.

In more News That Is Destined To Become A Thing For the Right Wing Harpies to Bitch About, Governor Chris Christie (R-Atlantic City) called the President to congratulate him on the victory over self-obsessed rich people, but only emailed Lord Touch of Gray Sir Mittens of Romneyshire to offer condolences. Because Christie hates our country too, or something. Rabble rabble.

If you take your coffee with schadenfreude as I do, you’ll really enjoy this: Mitt Romney was apparently “shell-shocked” by the loss on Tuesday, and he dialed up the re-elected President of these United States to offer his concession while his wife Egg Romney quietly cried in the corner. But notice that Mittens did not cry. He understands why people cry, but it is something he could never do.

Worried about your favorite GOP politician now that the economy really DOES affect him? Wonkette has you covered with some possible job openings for qualified out of work politicos.

And your smart math boyfriend Nate Silver is back. He lays out the Electoral College problem for the GOP moving forward.

Come back around later, as The Bowtie handicaps the possible 2016 GOP Presidential field in an irresponsibly early way.

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