With Our Tails Between Our Legs

Last night, those of you who tracked our live tweetcast on #DDPElection saw my optimistic side.  My call might have been reasonable given polling trends, campaign momentum, or exit polls, but I left out one major consideration.  Whether due to oversight or ignorance, I didn’t realize that the Republican Party had completely and utterly lost its fucking way.

To put it simply, we got whupped last night, in almost every possible way, and the results need to be a wake-up call to the national party.

National trends indicate that Obama’s voting coalition – blocs of primarily African-American, Hispanic, Jewish, female, and young voters, among others – delivered huge margins for him, more than making up for his deficits among white voters, seniors and men.  Romney seems to have made significant strides in many of Obama’s niches – namely Jews and young voters – but nationally, it can be argued that the demographic that doomed him the most were blue-collar white men.  These voters had huge impact in the Rust Belt and other competitive Midwest states – Obama’s so-called “firewall” and the source of much of Romney’s recent momentum.  (P.S.  I don’t think this momentum ever existed.  I feel pretty duped right now, especially after seeing the numbers expanding in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc.)  It’s clear that these voters did not view the economy as gloomily as we thought the media thought they thought it was, and perhaps that was enough to give Obama the gap he needed for the win. (Giggity.)

However, the economy is far from the Republican Party’s biggest issue.

This election, beyond Obama’s resilience and aplomb as a personal campaigner, demonstrated one thing above all: the Republican Party is broadly on the wrong side of both current American values and the historic discussions of our day.  Watching the GOP Senate candidates in Indiana and Missouri fumble away almost certain victory by muffing not just reproductive freedom – a consistent loser in American popular elections – but also gender violence is infuriating.  With control of the Senate at stake, at least in theory, Republicans botched this issue, further alienating the female vote.  In addition, with same sex marriage winning in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington and Tammy Baldwin securing a monumental seat in both the Senate and American political history, the Republican Party remains antiquated in its position on the seminal civil rights issue of our generation.

It’s shameful. And it makes me embarrassed to be a Republican today.

If we plan to be competitive nationally as a party in the next decade, it is critical that Republicans come together on core issues.  Small government can still be a battle cry, but only if applied consistently; we can keep government away from industry and commerce, but only if we cede the same independence to abortion, civil rights and drug laws.  We have to become more moderate on these issues, which will likely mean separation from heavy value voters, especially at the core of Republican debate.  Furthermore, demographically, Hispanic voters and young people are growing segments of the electorate, and we’re falling behind in both categories.  To regain a competitive opportunity, we need to perform better with these demographics, which will require meaningful reform to immigration policy, among other issues.

This party needs to become more moderate, immediately.  President Obama has something of a mandate now – Obamacare will be implemented, civil rights and drug policy will take the stage in 2014, and immigration reform will likely become the next national conversation.  The Republican Party must become something other than the Party of No and consequently, it must become more moderate.  We need to have candidates and leaders who value bipartisan progress, who understand the changing electorate and who appeal to broad segments of the American people.  Mitt Romney was a good candidate to fix the economy, but by charging so far right in the seemingly endless primary, he lost his appeal to truly moderate voters. That trend must be broken.

I don’t know right now who our party’s candidate in 2016 will be, but I do know one thing: the Tea Party has lost its influence in the Republican Party, irrespective of Ted Cruz’s win in the Texas Senate race.  Our 2016 nominee needs to be moderate, younger (under 60) and energetic.  Being a minority wouldn’t hurt, but moderate values can benefit a white candidate.

To our President, I offer congratulations on a well-run race and an excellent strategic campaign.  I hope that we can work together on a truly post-partisan presidency.  To David Axelrod, I’m coming for that mustache.  To Mitt Romney, thank you for representing the 1% the party ably and robotically passionately; I hope that you take a page from WJ Clinton’s playbook and commit your energy and resources philanthropically.

Thankfully, this concludes the 2012 Presidential Campaign.  God Bless Nate Silver you all and God Bless America.


  1. If, by becoming more moderate, you mean more like the Democratic party of immorality, count me out.
    Their whole agenda was a list of sinnful lifestyle, the murder of babies, homo-sexual marriage, (which is an impossiblity) taxpayers paying for fornicators and adulterers to commit sinful sex, with free contraceptives, and LEAVING OUT GOD! The bible declares if you don’t work, you don’t eat, but they want the hard working taxpayers to support those whose hand is always out for freebies. Our nation is on the downhill slope to hell, and no one seems to see it coming. God has turned us over to our depravity, and we are going at break neck speed. Satan really has blinded the minds of the majority of Americans. How sad to see this once great nation crumbling into sinful rebellion. Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. We have moved so far away from Him, He can no longer bless us. We are free to do what we choose to do, we are not free from the consequences of our choices. We have only begun to see His wrath. After Sandy, I can’t imagine how bad it will be if we continue to turn away from God Almighty.

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