The Morning Wood Calls a Bluff

Remember yesterday? Nah, me either. But it was a big day, yesterday. Lots of things happening. We reported on the Romney/Ryan campaign stop at Red Rocks on a picture perfect, warm Colorado night in October, and we told you about Donald Trump’s “bombshell” that wasn’t a bombshell at all, but was really more of a warm fart in a cold church.

To each his own, I guess.

Well, we were very impressed with Sir Mittens’ ability to get Kid Rock to play “music” for the old people in attendance, and extremely impressed he managed to get 12,000 people off the couch and up the hills to Red Rocks for a political rally! Obviously, the tide has turned and we will see glorious return to American superiority under a President Romney starting early in the morning on November 7th, because as the saying goes, “as big crowds at Red Rocks go, so goes the nation.” Or something like that.

But then, oops.

Because, you guys… that’s 16,000 people in Denver’s City Park to see President Obama, enjoying not a clear, crisp October evening, but weathering a rainy, windy day, outdoors, in the middle of a workday, just to see the President do his thing.

Oh my.

Strangely, Mr. Obama did not respond at his rally to Donald Trump’s meaningless “challenge” to release his college transcripts to mollify some group whose vote he wasn’t going to get anyway, which I’m sure Mr. Trump took very personally, because he is a childish dipshit who is extremely sad you guys aren’t paying attention to him anymore!

Anyway, reports out of the Romney rally — where they gave away 25,000 tickets but had to turn away approximately 13,000 — are that it was pretty subdued, pretty controlled by the party and overwhelmingly not enthusiastic about the candidate. Comparatively, the “fired up, ready to go!” chant rolled through City Park over and over again yesterday, and with Obama’s Get Out The Vote campaign in full swing and stride, I’m a lot less nervous than I was just a few days ago about Colorado going red and breaking my shriveled, black librul heart in the process.

The President also appeared on the Tonight Show with that fucktardstain Jay Leno, and did some really solid politicking on the rape/Planned Parenthood/women’s healthcare rights issues, and then got all freaknasty on Donald Trump. As much as I kind of wish everyone would just ignore that mouthy richboy, it is really funny to see him mocked — roundly, by seemingly everyone — in the public square. Really solid.

Of course, that wasn’t the end for the Donald, who may have bitten off a bit more than his rat mouth can chew. First, his “release your transcripts” schtick is old, stupid, and meaningless. I refuse to believe — for my own sanity, mostly — that anyone really cares what is in the President’s transcripts from a quarter century ago. It’s not going to make a lick of difference, except to those who have been so brainwashed into thinking, somehow, that Obama is a Kenyan plant sent to take down America with Allah and Communism and healthcare and gay rights. Because that… makes… sense?

Anyway, Stephen Colbert got in on the fun too. I would very much like to see Donald take him up on the offer.

Dinesh D’Stupid!
You’ll never believe this, you guys, but it turns out Dinesh D’Souza is sort of a prick! And that his really awesome live-action Avatar movie made, like, lots of money from idiots in the heartland who really don’t like black people! Now, I know that this will come as a shock, but accusations have been made that Mr. D’Souza has misused funds associated with the money raised and earned by the film, and these accusations are coming from his partners in the movie business! J’accuse! He seemed like such a nice, on-the-level guy to us.

A melancholy note here to wrap things up. About a week ago, it was announced that the body of 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway was found “in pieces” after the young girl went missing from her neighborhood on her way to school. An arrest has been made: 17 year old (I know, it makes me sick too) Austin Reed Sigg. I’m not going to celebrate this, but I will say I’m glad there’s at least some closure… though the next steps will be a trial, and awful memories from the family, and… nobody deserves that. Rest in Peace, Jessica.

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