The Lady Needs A Drink…

While it is true that my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard*, tonight’s debate drink is the glorious Rusty Nail.

Proof of the divine, and proof that we are loved.


It’s really easy to make y’all. Mix 2 ounces of nice Scotch with an ounce of Drambuie, toss in some ice cubes…. then multiply that by 4, put it in a big plastic cup (’cause you’re trash and you know it), and drink that shit up!

Not only does it taste really good, it gives you instant “Old Man” cred. Which is great when you’re engaged to a Swiss guy who drinks things that come with fruit wedges and paper umbrellas. *sigh*


It’s almost time kids…. strap in!


* Note: Milkshake contains Vodka.






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