The Morning Wood: Not Waving the White Flag

Big weekend for sports, you guys. Lots going on and I had a great time, first watching my Grizzlies demolish the Golden Pandas of Northern Colorado on Saturday and then watching the first half of Broncos/Patriots before I had to go to a wedding. It was a special day.

But somehow, some way, after a game in which Peyton Manning threw for 350 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions on more than 40 attempts, there are those who would call for the dreaded Tim Tebow. Proving once and for all that the internet is for nothing but fanbois and bedwetters, the threads sprung up almost immediately after Denver went to 2-3 on the season (playing maybe the toughest early-season schedule in the league), threads with names like “But… I thought Tebow was the problem” and “Sure glad we spent $98 million and got rid of that loser Tebow” and “I’m desperate for attention and John Elway is Dumb; the Tim Tebow is a martyr story.”

Far be it from me to make fun of the bedwetters, crying in their non-alcoholic beer and begging for a return to the three-and-out offense that was so effective that was mildly effective that helped us back into the playoffs going 0-3 in the last three games including a 7-3 loss AT HOME to the fucking Chiefs, but let’s get something clear right now.

If Tim Tebow was still the starter in Denver (and no, I can’t believe I’m having to write about this either), we wouldn’t be 2-3. We wouldn’t be 5-0, and would likely be closer to 1-4. With Tebow, we would have beaten the Raiders. Not in the fashion we did, where we repeatedly gave them swirlies in a dirty toilet and took their lunch money for four quarters, but probably in a mistake-addled three quarters followed by a fourth quarter where Tim plays TebowBall and suddenly pulls a touchdown out of his ass. Yee-fucking-haw.

To intone that we’re not better off with a better quarterback under center is just retarded.

Tebow fanbois, stop being retarded. That’s an order.

We don’t give enough love to, an excellent Broncos blog run by some really big fans who spend their time, energy and money (probably) to put out a consistently superior product to even those publications who have quality press access and contacts within the organization. The Denver Post can’t compete. Their film breakdowns are top-of-the-line and the daily link dump/post — over there, it’s called The Lard — is the first place I stop by every morning. Read them.

I was 2-3 in my gambling column this week, bringing me to 6-4 on the year (real ref games only).

The baseball playoffs started this week. I can’t bring myself to care much about baseball, so you’ll have to let The Bunk regale you with tales of Baltimore’s storied history and future, and how the Orioles are somehow not the team we’ve grown up laughing at.

Veep nominee Paul Ryan (R-Ayn) did an interview this week, was asked a question that he didn’t like and immediately ended the interview, almost like a child would do. Was the question a bad question? Sweet jesus, yes. But you don’t split in the middle of the interview. It’s almost like proving to the world that you don’t have any executable ideas.

Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan is freaking out about the Pew Poll which shows Romney with a sudden lead. And once again, we ask that you calm down.

Enjoy Tuesday, folks. We’ll see you later when The Bunk stops by.

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