On Freedom and the Loathsome 2012 Campaign

On Sunday night, I sat patiently and with an open mind, watching 60 Minutes as journalists at the newsmagazine program interviewed America’s two presidential frontrunners, former Taxachusetts governor W. Mittens “Mitt” Romney and acting president B. Hussein Obama.

Each candidate was asked to identify the “big idea” that he would pursue as president. Governor Romney reported that his big idea was “freedom,” to which I did in fact scream at the television set the following:


I wish the esteemed Scott Pelley at 60 Minutes would have offered the same counter, though I imagine he was on a previously established script that he had to follow to gain the participation of the two candidates. For the love of all things sacred, at what point did we resign ourselves as a nation to hear the most powerful men in the world speak to us only on preconditions established by their own camps?

In the 3 ½ years of Mr. Obama’s presidency, the American public has been graced with prolonged tax cuts, deregulation of the oil & gas industry, opportunities for gay and lesbian troops to  serve openly in the military, and greater access to medicinal marijuana in many states.  The American electorate has experienced little to no change in its ability to purchase guns, choose doctors, speak and assemble freely, or write nonsensical nonsense.

To insinuate that President Obama somehow took away our freedoms is incorrect and irresponsible. By exploiting the irrational and incoherent fears and suspicions of a terrifying group of outliers, Mr. Romney has embraced this pyrrhic opportunity to gain high office and come November 6 he will regret it.

I do not intend to to suggest that Mr. Obama deserves a free pass for his time in office.  This country would be far better served with:

  • more vigorous protection of the civil liberties of homosexuals and other minorities;
  • an evaluation of the merits of its War on Drugs ©;
  • the elimination of secret interrogations at Guantanamo Bay;
  • a just, thoughtful, and protective foreign policy;
  • responsible reform to entitlement programs; and
  • a more comprehensive attempt to alleviate our geopolitical weakness derived from our dependence upon fossil fuel, among other things.

I am not convinced that Mr. Obama has made enough headway on any of these tangible objectives, but I am convinced that he and his administration have done nothing to squelch my personal freedoms.

However, the conservative wing of the G.O.P. would like you to believe that Mr. Obama has taken away your freedom to not have health insurance (fully effective in 2014, by the way), that he will raise income taxes on those who earn over $250,000 per year, and that he wants to take your guns. According to the far right fear-mongering reactionaries, Mr. Obama aims for vast growth in all entitlement programs, enslaving formerly Hard Working Mericans to the benevolence of the United States Treasury.[i]

Once this has been accomplished, Mr. Obama will covertly divert your tax dollars to such anti-colonialist endeavors as  the development of poor Sub-Saharan African countries (the horror!) to shift the global balance of power away from the west and into the hands of his preferred peoples in DARKEST AFRIKA, for reverse racism.[ii]

The Republicans do have one attack right.  In a couple of years, you will NOT have the right to freeload from your fellow ‘Mericans by NOT having health insurance.  In his effort to overhaul the broken market for health care, Mr. Obama had the audacity to sign a bill into law that aims to prevent people from being parasites on the American health care system. It’s an idea taken directly from that well known Marxist front group, the Heritage Foundation.

How dare he!?!?1?!

The simple fact is that by virtue of birth, individuals are immediately brought into the market for health care.  Allowing individuals to populate the risk pool without either a private health insurance plan or a government provided option is a false freedom, the freedom to impose massive costs on other people through one’s own irresponsible behavior, and it should be taken from all of us to promote the greater good for all Americans. This is an inherently conservative line of thinking, and that it should be treated as something akin to Bolshevism shows just how far the national discourse has swung towards the delusional.

[i] Fun fact: federal spending has grown slower under President Obama that any of his four predecessors in their respective first term.  Of his four predecessors, three are Republicans.

[ii] I paraphrase, based upon Mike Rosen’s idiotic review of 2016: Obama’s America.

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