Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?

“The one on your right is for all you Poors. The one on the left, that’s for you, Grandma.”

This is the question being posed by the GOP this week in Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the Democratic National Convention. The Romney campaign thinks the American people like re-runs — Ronnie Raygun used this same question during the 1980 election to oust incumbent peanut farmer Jimmy Carter — and will simply go along and answer with the negative.

Problem is, Americans still sometimes like to think for themselves. And four years ago today, in September of 2008, with Republican George W. Bush in the Oval Office, the Great Recession took a particularly nasty dive downward. There were few at that time who weren’t affected in one way or another by the awful policies of the GWB, so literally four years ago today? Yeah, we’re much better off now than we were then. So is most of America, real or otherwise.

Of course, for Americans to see that for themselves requires a bit more self-awareness than we generally display during an election season, but… We have hope. Hope for change, we suppose.

The new superstar of the RNC, Chairman Reince Priebus, is the one espousing this line of thinking. To the block quote!

“The thrill and pixie dust of the Barack Obama presidency is gone,” Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus told reporters. “There is no hope … After four years of Barack Obama we are not better off.”

What a dick. As an aside, who names their kid “Reince”? I bet he played lacrosse.

After an interview with Colorado’s KKTV in which the President stated his first term was “incomplete,” citing numerous examples of good things he’d accomplished in office with the need to see these things through to the finish line, right wing derptard Matt McDonald said the President was using the wrong scale.

“I think that for President Obama the question isn’t a grade on an A to F scale but it’s a pass/fail grade at this point,” McDonald said. “The question that is on the lips of the people here in Charlotte who are gathering, both the media and the delegates, the people in Colorado and the people across the country, is are you better off than you were four years ago and it’s a pretty simple answer for a lot of people is that they aren’t.”

Sure, there’s nothing behind it, and their empty suit of a candidate has no solid plans on what he’d do (except raise your taxes and lower his own, because something something HE DESERVES IT FOR HARD WORK AND BOOTSTRAPS), and there’s no way to talk about what he’d do because it would scare the everloving piss out of every voter in America, even the idiots who can’t read.

There is no factual basis for voting for the GOP this year, but we’ve been over that.

What gets our collective goat here at DDP World HQ is first that the campaign is so happy to let loose with these lies backed by nothing, second that their followers just grin and eat it up, and third that nobody in the librul media elite is willing to stand up to this bullshit. What are we paying you people for?

We don’t mean just calling ads out on the evening news as “distruthful” or “untruthiness” or “less than factual.” Nobody watches the evening news because the evening news is fucking garbage.

Mitt Romney’s welfare ad, claiming President Obama removed the work requirement, has been called an out and out lie by everyone on the planet… but it’s still running.

These news stations have an obligation to not run an ad that contains blatant falsehoods. If it’s been called out by every news organization on the planet, I’d say that the bar has been crossed and you can safely remove that ad from your air. Worried that the campaign will no longer spend with you? AHAHAHAHAHAHA, right. They’ll be back tomorrow, and if it’s Romney, there’ll be a whole new set of ads with which to play “Where’s Waldo (Lying To You)?” Worried you’ll be considered partisan and lose viewers? Well, shit maybe you will, but you know what? If truth has a well-known liberal bias, and you are telling the truth… isn’t THAT what we call “doing your job”?

Thought so.

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