Morning Wood: GOP Is Losing Its S**t

So it’s no secret how much the whiteys in the GOP hate our President and Kenyan Prime Minister, Barry Hussein Obama. What I didn’t realize was just how over-the-top absurd they’ve become with that hatred, to the point that they’ve lost all sense and reason, or at least whatever sense and reason they originally possessed.

Yesterday, for the 33rd time, the GOP-controlled House voted on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare.” This wouldn’t be a big deal if the bill hadn’t already passed both houses, AND unexpectedly gotten through the Supreme Court ruling it Constitutional. Oh, and if they hadn’t already done this song and dance 32 times prior, each time knowing it wouldn’t pass the Senate, making it the emptiest of empty gestures.

Oh, and reports are that it costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million to hold a day’s session to have a vote like the one yesterday. $30 million… times 33… carry the one… $990 MILLION has been spent on legislation that those pushing the votes know unequivocally is definitely not going to pass the Senate. They might as well take that money and flush it down the toilet. And this is from the GOP, the party demanding that we “stop spending”?

Political grandstanding. Political theater. Political gamesmanship. At the cost of $30 million a shot.

Of course, the worst news isn’t for Obama, or his party, or anyone who likes the ACA. The worst news is for the GOP. By keeping this story in front of people, and by looking like spoiled children who haven’t gotten their way (three times legislatively, once by the courts, and 33 times on these useless appeals) while the country struggles through a war, crumbling infrastructure, a bad job market, and struggling schools, the GOP gives lots and lots (and LOTS!) of ammunition to Obama, the DNC, and a host of people already pissed off at the game-playing we’ve seen from the GOP in the last three and a half years.

Sigh. This is why we can’t have nice things.

On with the links:

Mexican Space Lizard from the Mormon Planet Kolob, Willard Mittens “Mitt” Romney, went and visited those pigmented folks at the NAACP yesterday. It… didn’t go all that well. While I salute him for having the hair on his peaches to march in to a place where they probably frown on his church a bit (given that the Mormons considered blacks descended from Cain and therefore “cursed with sin”… until 1978) and REALLY dislike his policy ideas — at least the ones he’s actually announced — I’m not sure much was gained. He says black people like him, and that black leaders are in full support of his candidacy, but want to be in full support in secret. That made me LOL. He also has a really majestic secret black penis, so what do I know? There is also a really good article in Slate today about the booing that says maybe it’s not a bad thing, as it makes Romney look principled (for the first time ever). I guess that’s better than just having honest views about things.

The Tea Party are a bunch of lunatic fringe-type morons. They’re getting XXXXXXXXTREME n0w! And I’m terrified that I live in the same country and breathe the same air as these fucking idiots. Note to those in the Tea Party: Please kill yourselves. THAT is how this country will improve. kthxbai.

Item! A Republican made a funny! [Ed. Note: Not funny.]

Ralph Lauren was contracted to create the opening ceremony uniforms for our men and women going to London for the Olympics this year. They included berets. And since berets are only worn by Che Guevara and awful French people and SOSHULISTS, FOX News wondered “what happened to cowboy hats?” And then, like wonderful internet gift givers, the commenters of FOX News had their say. And because they’re fucking morons, this is what they shared. Oh, FOX viewers. Keep up the good DERP.

Wellp. Vincent Casablancas was right. The details of the Freeh Investigation were released today, and not only was Joe Paterno’s firing at Penn State justified, it probably should have happened a lot sooner, AND that athletic department should probably be shuttered for good. The incredible lack of oversight there is simply unacceptable.

And on a lighter note, Peyton Manning bought a 16,000 square foot house in Cherry Hills Village, a suburb of Denver. It’s pretty damn nice. Here are pictures.

Enjoy Thursday, y’all. And please: Keep it real.

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