Dog Whistles

This is the only time Nazis should ever make you smile.

So I just got into this Twitter scuffle (I know, I know, I was bored) with this guy who compared progressives to the “Wehrsmacht” [sic].

I replied to him, “What is wrong with you that you think this is appropriate?”

So we have this whooooole exchange, where I point out that his use of “Wehrsmacht” is nothing more than a reference, however indirect, to Nazism, and that is totally inappropriate.*  He explains that NO, he wasn’t trying to evoke the specter of Nazi Germany. He was, in fact, comparing Walker’s recall victory in Wisconsin to (this is a quote) “Arracourt as a summer prelude to Adennes [sic].”


The average American doesn’t know the capital city of more than maybe 3 states of the US. Unless they’re some crazy Time Life WWII nutter, they’ve never heard of Arracourt OR Ardennes! Furthermore, WHICH ARDENNES? The Battle of Ardennes in 1914?! Or 2007’s Operation Ardennes in Iraq?! No, he was actually referring to the Offensive of Ardennes (only really called that by the Germans, btw. Everyone else calls this The Battle Of The Bulge).

So my question remains, why use the word “Wehrmacht?”

Historical battle names aside, the word Wehrmacht only refers to ONE thing: the combined German armed forces between the years 1935 – 1945. Prior to 1935, it was called the Reichswehr. It was renamed Wehrmacht BY THE THIRD FUCKING REICH. After WWII, the Allies and Germany again renamed the army to the “Bundeswehr.” So the ONLY POINT IN HISTORY at which the army was called the Wehrmacht was during Nazism.

So we return to the central points I made to this gobshite: 

  1. Wehrmacht refers specifically to the armed forces of the Third Reich (aka: The Nazi Party)
  2. 90% of Americans will not hear “Wehrmacht” and think “Oh, yes, the Wisconsin recall was exactly like the Nazi defeat at Arracourt, which was a prelude to a larger defeat at the Offensive of Ardennes.” The average American will hear “GERMAN WORD” and think “NAZIS!”The slightly LESS average American will hear “Wehrmacht” and think “Oh, yeah. This is comparing the progressive defeat in Wisconsin with the Nazi defeat in WWII.” Which is comparing progressive Americans to Nazis.
  3. Comparing anyone to Hitler or Nazis is disgusting and inappropriate, and I don’t care what party you wear a stupid tri-corner hat for. It’s gross.

So then he points out that “my side” compared Bush to Hitler, so fair is fair.

Same shit, different website.

So I guess if I murder someone, you’re allowed to murder someone too? But then we’re both just murderers, so nobody wins. As everyone’s granny used to say,  two wrongs don’t make a right.

He told me I was educated but not smart, then exited the conversation like a southern belle in full flounce. Whoopdie-do. Just another thing he was incorrect about, incidentally. I grew up mostly below the poverty line with a single mom, and graduated with the very base level high school diploma. But I’m like a STONE COLD NINJA ASSASSIN with a library card, and my google pimp hand is STRONG.

And this guy isn’t the only one doing this. Remember when Sarah Palin used the phrase “blood libel?” Why on earth would she use a phrase that ONLY MEANS ONE THING??? (Blood libel refers to the false accusation that Jews murdered Christian babies and used their blood for rituals, usually as a pretext to kill Jews, for freedom.) Why on EARTH would Sarah Palin bring that up, unless it’s some coded message? Less than a WEEK after a Jewish woman elected to Congress got shot in the head in a grocery store parking lot?!

Hey people who hate Jews! Vote for me! **

Look, here’s the deal. If you’re going to say something really shitty, really childish, and really gross… own it. Of all things I cannot abide, a fucking coward is at the top of the list. Dude, you said it. You said it KNOWING it would make other assholes think “Progressives are Nazis!” The only appropriate response is to own it and either say “Yeah, that was too far. My bad.” (like a grow’d up) or “Yeah, Group X I don’t agree with ARE Nazis!” (and look like a dickhead). Backpeddling and coming up with some convoluted and improbable explanation for why you said it but it didn’t MEAN what it normally is known to mean just makes you look like a little bitch.


* Side note on Godwin’s law. It’s ALWAYS inappropriate. I don’t care if you’re talking about some racist tea party nut, or some crazy tree hugger. I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Libritarian, Democrat, Socialist, or little green alien. Unless the person you’re comparing to Hitler has just murdered several million people, it’s NOT a valid comparison! And what’s more? Fuck you. That is a little bit of fat middle-class honky entitlement that should be beaten out of you with sticks. The only way you could EVER think comparing ANYONE you disagree with to Hitler or Nazism is if you’re fortunate enough to have never KNOWN that kind of horrible miserable disgusting human evil – so evil that it continues to be a scar on the psyche of multiple countries. So shut the fuck up, you spoiled American brat.

If you genuinely think the American progressive agenda is this, you are too fucking stupid to breed and a disgusting human being. Fact.

** I’m not saying Sarah Palin hates Jews. I’m just saying she wouldn’t mind if a bunch of Jew-haters voted for her for no particular reason. See how sneaky words can be?


  1. You just let that Google pimp hand freak flag fly, boo!

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