The Denver Post Doesn’t Know Tim Tebow Is Gone

Pictured: Mike Klis’ hidden camera footage of his golden ticket

Frankly, I find it terrible that we don’t have a decent press corps in this town.

Back in the days of being a two-newspaper town — before, of course, the two famously merged creating one massive paper that couldn’t pay its bills instead of two — there was some integrity, some creativity, some competition for stories and interviews and that one four-letter word that was actually marginally important: News.

It’s become an embarrassment.

I was on the Twitterbox yesterday as I flew home from visiting my future wife in Boston, and there it was. @PostBroncos’ tweet, “Broncos News: Tebowing to be added to Madden ’13.”

Holy shit! What a scoop!

@PostBroncos is really Lindsay H. Jones, who is a pretty damn good reporter on most days, and I think if she had her drothers (and didn’t work on a staff with a hack like Mike Klis, still desperately hawking his Tim Tebow book from last year) she wouldn’t be forced to publish “stories” like that in print, on the First And Orange blog (which had in its original page description, “Tim Tebow, Broncos News,” betraying where the paper’s loyalties lie), or on her Twitter page.

Mike Klis’ meal ticket

This isn’t to say that a celebration in a video game isn’t news. I mean, seriously, this is REALLY important stuff. But it doesn’t belong on a Broncos blog, it shouldn’t be written by a Broncos beat reporter, and really, it doesn’t warrant anything more than a passing mention on Twitter with a link to a New York paper that’s covering that massive news.

See, here’s the thing. I’m a Broncos fan. I have been a Broncos fan forever, since I was a little kid and Elway was redefining what it was to play the position of Quarterback. I don’t care about players who ARE NOT ON THE BRONCOS. In particular, I don’t care about the Run-slinger Tim Tebow who played here for two years, couldn’t throw, and was shipped out. Yes, I loved the playoff win. Yes, I enjoyed the miraculous wins in the regular season.

But apparently I’m the last remaining white male in Denver who doesn’t think Tim Tebow was the sole person responsible for all that action. And that, as bad as it sounds, includes the people who are paid to report on the team that I love.

Please, Post. Please stop it. Please knock it off. Don’t turn Lindsey Jones into a hack like Klis, who has completely thrown his media credential out the window by shamelessly hawking a terrible picture book (yes, I picked it up and attempted to read the star-fucking account of a newspaper reporter who was along for the ride). Get back to reporting news.

I’m not sure if you heard, but we got Peyton. Maybe that could be your focus for a little while.


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