BREAKING: Lakers Fans Are Jackasses

I know this will shock some of you, but it seems the state of California has given the world another reason to hate it.

From the city that brought us “fans” who beat an opposing team’s fan into a coma (the Dodgers) and the state that brought us luminaries such as Charger fans (talk all the shit in the world, then don’t show up to games), Raider fans (meth-fueled, violent and fucking stupid) come the shit-talking, Kobe-jersey-wearing vile humans known as Laker fans.

I’m all for talk. I do a lot of it. And I know it’s part of the game for players and for fans.

But THIS? This is ridiculous.

It seems after the Lakers lost a two point heartbreaker in game 2 of the Western Conference Semis at Oklahoma City, the guy who took the last shot — asked for the ball, didn’t puss out like a certain King in Miami — received death threats from the “fans” who follow the team. These fucking entitled assholes evidently feel it is their right to win every championship and never lose a game.

You assholes have won 16 titles. You weren’t going to win #17 this year, so go fuck yourselves.

These “fans” are fucking cowards.

Come at me, bros.

Not only did they tweet awful comments to Steve Blake. They got the man’s wife and family involved, tweeting things like “I hope you and your family die.”

Little Los Angeles bitches. Fuck you.

You wonder why people hate California? You REALLY wonder?

Do you still wonder?


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