Keep Government Out of Banks? Not Anymore

You see, at some point, there must be some oversight. Because as much as these dipshits at the big banks want you to believe they’ve got your best interests in mind — with their touchy-feely commercials and their “we’re with you in good times and bad” wall posters — they do not give a shit about you.

Oh, that cutie behind the teller counter who you think is flirting? She’s not. (Don’t find out the hard way. That’s an embarrassing way to be kicked out of a bank, and I’ve been kicked out in every way imaginable.)

These folks talk shit about how they’re in a service industry, but at this point, that sort of claim rings completely hollow.

Upon the news that JP Morgan Chase and its CEO Jamie Dimon were in the government’s sights again, this time for “losing” $2 Billion in some failed attempts to make ungodly sums, Paul Krugman once again took to the New York Times, this time to explain why we regulate and why regulation is necessary.

The reason? Because it is.

Because these people aren’t looking out for the little guy, and they’re sure as shit not looking out for the economy.

“But we know what we’re doing,” is a popular refrain from the big banks on Wall Street. “We don’t need the government looking over our shoulders.”

Is that so?

Between Dodd-Frank getting absolutely gutted by lobbyists working for the banks to make sure no oversight was really possible and the complete marginalization of Elizabeth Warren as chief of the Consumer Protection Bureau — because protecting you isn’t as important as protecting a big-bank CEO’s right to make billions (with a B) of dollars off the hard-work and sweat of you and me — it’s clear where the line is drawn. Banks work for themselves, and so do Republicans.


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