The Filibuster That Launched a Million FABULOUS Campaign Donations

It doesn’t have to be a total loss, though this morning there are people waking up in this country who STILL do not have the same rights as the rest of us. And for them, well… All that I can say is that America is a tough place sometimes.

And it causes your correspondent no shortage of sadness and disappointment that, for the first time, I’m angry to be a Coloradan. This is not the way the process is supposed to work; watching Representative after Representative, pot bellied and smug, smiling and mocking the gallery full of supporters for SB 002 while they launched into tirades against the federal government over the use of — I shit you not — trans fats in school lunches.

I repeat: Fat, bloated Reps tromping to the podium to defend their liberty to feed kids food that’s not good for them.

Hooray for representative democracy.

We have recourse, though. We can make sure those obstructing assholes in the Colorado Legislature don’t get another crack at keeping an entire segment of the population segregated from the rest. Considering approximately 75% of the population nationally supports measures just like the one that died on the calendar last night, these Republicans are finding themselves on the “wrong side of history” as our President likes to say, and it won’t be long before they’re on the wrong side of the employment situation.

Fact is, the votes were there. House Speaker Frank McNulty (R – Hades) knew it, as did everyone in the gallery. This was supported by enough Reps on both sides of the aisle that the measure would have passed. Instead, a handful of Reps (your shit list will be at the bottom of this post) held democracy hostage for their own religious or “moral” views.

Because “love” is a moral issue, and they should be able to legislate who loves whom. Because something something LESS GOVERNMENT and FREEDUMB® and LIBERTEE©.

But your correspondent is going over well-trampled ground here. I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know. Republicans are hypocritical windbags, and even when they get it right — with several Reps who have an “R” next to their name pledging to support equality, which is not exactly a groundbreaking sentiment — one or two bigots Reps are able to hijack the process, take a multiple-hour recess, and kill more than 30 bills in order to kill one.

This aggression cannot stand, man. That’s not legislation. These Republicans in the house dropped being legislators, working for the people, in order to put on eye patches and pick up swords and become pirates. Yar.

Speaker McNulty certainly has some hair on his peaches.

And to show them off, he stole the rights of thousands of Coloradans. All the while mocking those who want the same rights others enjoy and hijacking the process for his right-wing ideology.

Well, we’re not taking it. We’re giving and working and knocking on doors and making phone calls. We’re going to make sure every single person in Colorado hears about our obstructing Republican Representatives and the games — and that’s what they are — being played with peoples’ lives. I urge you to do your part.

Without taking a vote, the idea of representative democracy fails. That cannot be allowed.

To my LGBT friends who feel marginalized by this obstruction, just know that this will change. Change is inevitable.

Here’s the list of assholes who couldn’t be bothered to actually take a vote and instead resorted to parliamentary gimmicks to keep a vote from taking place:

Rep. Frank McNulty – HD 43 (Highlands Ranch) – Running against Gary Semro – DONATE
Rep. Mark Waller – HD 15 (Colorado Springs) – No Dem opposition (yet), but it’s Bigot-rado Springs, so that’s no real surprise. If someone jumps in the race, we will gladly update this information
Rep. David Balmer – HD 39 (Centennial) – He’s term limited, so he can’t run for this seat again. We can, however, help elect Democrat Carla Turner to replace him – DONATE – But Balmer is running for State Senate now, because he’s a lifetime politician and wants to bring his love for obstructing democracy and pounding podiums to a different chamber. His opponent in Senate District is David Paladino. DONATE
Rep. Bob Gardner – HD 20 () – Running against Michael Goldsborough – DONATE

And if you wish to donate to those Reps who only wanted a vote on the matter, they are as follows:

Senator Pat Steadman – SD 31
Representative Mark Ferrandino – HD 2



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