Large Site Announcement: Race Week Begins Monday

No, this site is NOT going to a NASCAR fan site. Frankly, we can’t stand those people.*

Rather, inspired by Lindy West’s spectacularly written piece on Jezebel yesterday about ironic racism, the purveyors of dick jokes and RAYCESSISM you’ve come to know and tolerate here at the Daily Dickpunch have decided to dedicate an entire week to race and race relations.

Two white guys talking about race? For an entire week? What could possibly go wrong?

We won’t do it because we think we understand race any better than anyone else, certainly not more than anyone who has had to deal with race issues affecting their lives. What we want is an open and honest discussion in which everyone can take part. If you’d like to participate, or if you’d like to contribute, we would welcome you with open arms. Email us: Publius1981 at gmail dot com.

In the meantime, here’s a handy FAQ to help you sort through the assorted craziness that this site will become over the next week.

Q: Hasn’t Lindy West already obliterated this idea with her piece yesterday?
A: Probably, but we like controversial issues here. In fact, we love controversial issues here. We’re not afraid to become part of the discussion.

Q: Isn’t this a really, really, REALLY bad idea?
A: Maybe. That’s my answer. The Bunk’s answer is that he isn’t afraid, but being that he’s an all purpose British soccer hooligan when he’s not slowly bleeding the American taxpayer dry as a government bureaucrat, there aren’t many things that frighten the lad. ANYway, it’s unlikely that we’re the first blog in history to tackle such a discussion. While that would be nice, I don’t feel like we’re really breaking any new ground here, per se. Lindy’s piece sort of stuck with us, and we’re curious about how something like a serious race discussion would go on a site that generally just makes fun of Tim Tebow and other Republicans.

Q: So this is a gimmick?
A: Yeah, probably. You could say that it is. What are we going to do next week? Write about baseball? PASS.

Q: Wow. You guys have a shitload of nerve to turn something as serious as race relations into a gimmick.
A: That’s not a question, but the truth is we do have a lot of nerve. We have a lot of nerve and a lot of hot air and a shitload of time on our hands. There’s nothing that says we can’t talk about race; in fact, we think it’s important to have these discussions, to have as many of them as possible. Whether that’s here or elsewhere doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to us. But we have this little corner of the internet, and it’s fairly high-trafficked, so… why not?

Q: Fine. So what can we expect to read?
A: Good question. I’m not sure what you can expect to read, because I’m not sure what we’re going to write. It’s going to be an adventure for all of us. Let’s just enjoy the ride and not get all litigious if someone says something we don’t like.

We’ll see you on the other side. And again, if you have something to contribute, please do so in the comments or by emailing publius1981 at gmail dot com.

*What do you mean, those people?



  1. Can’t wait.

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