Noted Shithead Andrew Breitbart Dies

*Invisible Cock*

What a shame. Seems like we were just getting to know what a pot-stirring dick burger Andrew Breitbart was, and he goes and does too much coke and dies right there in the street, like a fucking rat.

You know, I’m not one to celebrate the end of life for anyone. But I’m sure as shit not going to lionize someone for being a complete and total dickbag in public.

Some, however, have taken it upon themselves to insinuate that Kenyan Prime Minister Barack Hussein Obama had Breitbart rubbed out by his “Chicago mafia friends.” Because, the story goes, Breitbart had just announced that he had video of Obama from college which, depending on the person making the claim, showed him doing cocaine (a pretty bold card for noted powder hound Breitbart to level against anyone), celebrating the joys of communism, having gay sex (early sex tapes)  or clubbing pregnant women in the stomach.

Seems like that’s just the type of video you release immediately. You know, if you’re not a lying sack of shit and you actually are in possession of any tapes showing anything close to any of that.

Of course, Breitbartistas won’t hear of it.

“We must fight on, in the memory of our great friend, defender of truth, and son of liberty, Andrew Breitbart.” That tweet needed more commas.

One particularly entertaining woman, whose head is up Andrew’s decaying ass, when I pointed out that she was a moron for claiming that the President of the United States murdered a know-nothing shit-stirrer and that she should be mocked openly, replied that she would fight me in the street. She went on to share with me that my mother must not have had her annual abortion (my mother’s a conservative to this day, though not a mindless fucktard like @sarahcgoldstein seems to be) and that all liberals are “disgusting pieces of shit,” and that they “are coming for” us.

Well, I don’t put up with ad hominem attacks from someone who can’t spell “ad” or “hominem.”

Mr. Breitbart, taking down Anthony Weiner was inspired journalism paying for a story. 100 years from now, that is how you will be remembered, if you’re remembered at all. You’ll also be remembered for throwing a lot of shit at the wall that did not end up sticking. Thankfully, folks like Sarah Goldstein and Orly Taitz will carry the mantle forward for you.

So we pieces of shit on the left will always have someone to mock openly.

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