Raiders Snake Dennis Allen From Denver

Via ESPN.comWith one move, the Oakland Raiders may have won two games in their 2012 campaign. Not a single down was played.

Dennis Allen, who came to Denver last off-season and was the Broncos’ 6th Defensive Coordinator in as many seasons, has been selected as the first head coach of the post-Al Davis era. Allen, who managed to take a unit that was dead last in nearly every important statistical measurement and turn them into a very strong, able-to-win-games-for-their-over-his-head-quarterback defense that finally put the D back in Denver.

Make no mistake, this is bad news for Denver. Even if Allen doesn’t work out in Oakland, losing the consistency that a good DC brings to a young defense will be a tough pill to swallow.

Allen will be given every opportunity to succeed. He’s a bright, young football mind with a Super Bowl pedigree (with the Champion Saints in ’09) and an eye for drafting and developing talent. Handed the keys to a defense already rife with playmakers, Allen has a good shot at being a top-notch head man.

HowEVAH, recent young coaching hires have not worked out for any team, anywhere.

Witness the 2008 coaching hires of first timers Josh McDaniels, Todd Haley, Steve Spagnuolo and Raheem Morris. Not a single one of them is still a head coach in the league.

Bottom line is, this is a win-now-or-else league. You either win early and often, or pack your shit.

Talent-wise, the Raiders defense is stronger than the Broncos defense, with a lot of very good moving parts. They have similar weaknesses to the Denver D (minus the problems in the middle of the line) at Corner and Safety. They’re good. They have a good running game. They have a good (if aging and possibly overrated) quarterback in Carson Palmer. They missed the playoffs by a whisker, when their defense couldn’t stop Phil Rivers, and now they’re bringing a Super Bowl winning Defensive Coordinator to be their head coach? Yikes.

Still, I think this hire does more to hurt Denver than it does to propel the Raiders over the hump. I’ve said since the start of last season that I’d rather lose OC Mike McCoy to another team than lose DC Allen, if only for consistency’s sake.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong. Watching Tim Tebow DERP his way down the field without a defense to save his ass (as they did on several occasions this year) is not something I relish viewing.

Was it the defensive talent infusion that helped the Broncos double their win total from the year before? Or was it Defensive Coaching prowess?

We’re all about to find out.

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