The Hangover, Part 2: So, Now What?

VIA UPIIn the end, it wasn’t faith or a lack thereof that led those who don’t like Tim Tebow the Quarterback to dislike Tim Tebow the Quarterback.

Maybe it was a lack of ability. 34% passing against the 31st ranked defense in the league displayed it for all to see.

Or maybe it was Tebow’s inability to do anything other than run the option which, once figured out, was dead in the water.

Maybe it was the 10 points. 10. 10 of them. | | | | | | | | | | < That many. Against a team that had put up 14 points after only one Bronco possession.

Of course the defense deserves blame. They were playing against one of the best offenses in the league, knew they had to reach the quarterback, knew they had to play lights out. And they didn't. And it was awful to watch.

But for right now, we're looking at one place and one place only. The Offense.

What I’ve noticed from Bronco fans is that we’re expected to pile on an injured defense playing against the best quarterback of our era, against a team with one of the top two offenses in the league this year. Clearly THEY are to blame. Yet the Bronco offense, Tim Tebow in particular, get no blame for putting up 10 pathetic points against the 31st ranked defense in the league.

Obviously, the Denver defense should have held the league’s top-scoring offense to 9 points or less. That seems about right. Anything to distract from Tebow’s dismal performance.

Look, this isn’t a column about whether or not Tim Tebow will start next year, or whether he should, or whether he shouldn’t, or anything else. I think he will, and I think he should, as I think he’s earned it. This team wouldn’t be where it is without him; his faith, leadership and strength has been the glue to the amazing end-of-season run.

I just wonder if we’re going to look back at the Pittsburgh game as the high water mark of a career that teams seem to be figuring out. Because at some point, you’ve got to beat your opponent on the field, and having faith alone isn’t going to do it. You’ve gotta complete more than 34% of your passes in big games.

I’ve been called all sorts of names for daring to debate whether Tim Tebow is the greatest offensive force in the entire world, despite not being able to throw the ball accurately as a quarterback. I’ve been told that it wouldn’t matter if Peyton Manning were directing the Broncos’ offense last night, as we still wouldn’t have won. Folks, this game was over in the first quarter because our quarterback isn’t good at throwing the ball. We didn’t even have a chance in hell of sticking with the Patriots, because we don’t have a quarterback who can throw accurately. I love to win as much as the next guy, we’re not going to win every game, and I would really rather not lose in such embarrassing fashion.

The Patriots had a three point plan: 1. Get a two score lead. 2. Sit on Tebow’s face. 3. Fart.

Bill Belichick, like most commentators around the league and a majority of fans who don’t have their heads in the sand, had a good plan based around the notion that Tim Tebow isn’t an accurate passer, that he doesn’t make decisions quickly, that if you take away his legs, his “magic” is subdued completely.

The man who knows Tebow’s weaknesses more than most had a hand in this as well. Josh McDaniels, the kid who drafted Tebow in Denver, tried to mold him into a quarterback, then immediately extended Kyle Orton’s contract because he could see Tebow wasn’t even close, was hired last week to be an offensive assistant coach for the Patriots. He knows better than anyone not on the Broncos coaching staff what Tebow can and cannot do, and I’m quite certain he was consulted while the game plan was being installed last week.

So we go back to the drawing board. We’ll add more weapons for Tebow’s arsenal. Unfortunately, unless we get him an arm transplant, it’s unlikely to do much good.

In the end, quarterbacks have to be able to throw the ball. This is one of the three perpetual truths in the world (the others: 1. It’s hard to pee with a woody, and 2. Bewbs are good) that cannot be overlooked, debated or hidden behind large walls of faith and piousness.

Can Tim Tebow improve enough to actually get in line with that perpetual truth? He’s got so far to go just to reach the level of an average quarterback, and it’s more than just “improve throwing,” or “get better making decisions,” because it’s both of those things and there’s only so much time in the day.

Teams in the NFL go as far as their quarterback can take them. What we saw throughout this year of Tebow Exposition was that he’s able to beat the bad teams, but not easily, and he’ll always lose to the best teams by a lot. Which means he’ll be just good enough to play 8-8 football, and if we do make the playoffs, we’ll inevitably play a team with an elite quarterback and will probably lose in spectacular fashion, like we did last night.

I have this misguided hope that we as Bronco fans will go into next season with our eyes open and our heads on straight. I have this hope that we’ll be able to evaluate Tebow performances, good and bad, without name calling.

What Will Tim Tebow Do? Hopefully he’ll work on his game.

There is much work to do.


  1. How can you say the offense gets no blame after their performance? We are barely 12 hours removed from the game so who are all of these people not blaming the Bronco’s offense for not performing? The line could not block, Tebow looked green and out of his comfort zone, no one was getting open, and McCoy was calling crap plays with no adjustments to the counter the defense. The people you are referring to who say that Tebow is the second coming are int he media. Time and time again the media blows this story out of proportion. The fans that think he can do no wrong are the same type of fans who believed that their respective QB was the end all of QB’s. They are called fans. They stick with their team and cheer for them no matter what. How could fans not get excited about Tebow after the team started out 1-4 and then went on to win 8 of the next 12. Yeah that’s right, 8 out of 12 one being against the top statistical defense in the league during the regular season. I don’t care if they were missing players they still should have won that game against the Broncos. You can bash the Bronco’s all you want but they went from “suck for Luck” to the playoffs. They have lots of holes to fill if they want to get to a Super Bowl but a team void of superstars created some excitement for some fans who cheer for their team and a guy who you don’t have to worry about raping women, shooting themselves in the leg, or selling drugs. Not a bad thing to be happy about in my humble opinion…

  2. Ronald Squane says:

    I don’t necessarily care about Tim Tebow (because I hate Jesus). And I’ve only been a Broncos fan for about six months. And I’ve mostly been pretty drunk through this entire hammer-jack, late-season shit-storm of a romp through the AFC West, which, until said time of Denver fandom, I always thought looked like a little bitch of a division compared to the mighty thundering-balls league of professional shit-kickers over in the AFC South, where that team from Indianapolis plays real well when the man with the large head is healthy enough to take a snap or two.

    What I’m saying is my judgement of all things Denver may be a bit skewed. Or, historically deficient. Or, just plain foggy (damn the drinking (but not really)). But holy shit, even through the eyes of a man who had just proudly downed a sixer and a half of IPA, Saturday’s game looked FUBAR on every conceivable level for the entire Donkey roster.

    Much has been said about the man from Florida, and most of it hasn’t been nice. And I’ll point out that this, uh, publication, hasn’t really shown much compassion in its season-long stomping of the Tim Tebow offense. Everyone’s always up in Tim’s shit, because he’s new…and he’s young…and he doesn’t have a lot of experience inside an NFL-sized pocket.

    But why is everyone ignoring Denver’s lame-ass receivers and its crappy offensive line everyone thinks is real good because it made Kyle Orton look decent for a few games in 2010? And what about that whole defense (especially the backfield) that, this season, let Rob Gronkowski have a couple of the best nights he’s had since the time he fucked 13 nubiles after the Woodland Hills High School prom?

    We can continue grinding Tebow down into dust all day and all night and probably into next week and beyond. The same can be done with any second-year, pretty-much-a-rookie QB who’s trying to figure out how to play standing on the shoulders of giants. But maybe we should start leveling this thing out a bit, eh?

    Instead of praising Demaryius Thomas and the two huge vaginas he calls “hands” as the driving force of victory every time the Donks get a dubya, let’s talk about all those breadbasket balls he dropped during the regular season — and especially in the playoffs — that, if caught, could have created three or four 300+ yardage games for little Timmy and sent the Broncs into the victory stable a few more times. The same goes for Eric Decker…who seems like a total pussy that probably spends most of his time in Cherry Creek drinking gin and sucking cock.

    There’s a lot of criticizing to go around here, folks. Let’s not forget exactly who did what all year long. One man does not make a team in the NFL. Give Tom Brady Denver’s offense and defense on Saturday and you’re still going to get an ass-pounding.

    I imagine transitioning to the NFL — even from the SEC — is probably not easy. But for a lot of now-great QB’s that transition was made a hell of a lot easier because they could lob the ball all over the field with a rookie-level arm and actually have it caught on a regular basis (and were thus able to develop great passing games in later years with those receivers). Most of them also had a working defense.

    All these things led to early confidence in personal ability, technique and the idea that the NFL was simply another step in the direction of greatness…and lots of money…and sex. Let’s not forget all the great sex these guys are having on the side. And the profitable cocaine dealing, apparently.

    Denver has developed a bad habit or turning good quarterback’s into mush. How long before Tebow is gimping around the sidelines like Brady Quinn, frustrated and on the verge of suicide?

    Tim Tebow has a long way to go, no doubt. He is Frodo. The journey ahead will be difficult. Let’s just hope the Bronco organization can buy or develop a few Gandalfs and a Sam or two to guide the trip and help keep his ass out of hot water when the fucking trolls come knocking. Only then can he go from being a simple Hobbit to the man who saves football in the Shire they call the Mile High City.

  3. Ronald Squane says:

    *300+ yard games

  4. Ronald Squane says:

    Ronald Squane :
    But why is everyone ignoring Denver’s lame-ass receivers and its crappy offensive line everyone thinks is real good because it made Kyle Orton look decent for a few games in 2010? And what about that whole defense (especially the backfield) that, this season, let Rob Gronkowski have a couple of the best nights he’s had since the time he fucked 13 nubiles after the Woodland Hills High School prom?

    I didn’t mean to say “backfield” here. I’m not sure how that got in there.

    • Um, sorry, Orton beat Green Bay and the Broncos with a team that had been in the ditch. I feel sorry for Fox and Elway. After the first two games next season, Bronco fans will be throwing beer cans on the field.

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