Griz Look to Knock Off No. 1… Again

As it turns out, this is the second time the Montana Grizzlies football team will take on the top ranked team in the country, on the road, in front of a hostile crowd. (Montana @ Sam Houston State, Friday, 8pm ET, ESPN) Just a few weeks ago Montana took on Montana State in Bozeman in a game MSU was heavily favored to win. The Griz performed the football equivalent of knocking in the door to their house, leaving a growler in the toilet and kicking their Cat in a 36-10 blowout that wasn’t even really that close.

Sam Houston State’s Bearkats pose a unique challenge to the Grizzlies, with their famed “Tixis Speed” which we’ve heard is different from regular speed because Freedom™. But among the things Tixis-dwelling Bearkat fans overlook or ignore — aside from casual racism, of course — is that Montana’s got some speedy players of their own. And while SHSU fans brag about their 1-0 record against Montana in their home “stadium” at Bowers Field, the fact is that these guys don’t have the big game experience to compete with the visiting Grizzlies.

Beating the number one ranked team in the country is something to be relished. Sure, we all wanted Montana State at home at Wa-Griz, but we have no qualms with going and knocking in the door again. Actually, hold that thought.

That’s Bowers Field. Upon further review, I’m not certain they have doors for us to kick. They may still use outhouses.

We all know that Cats shit in a box. The above beautifully illustrates the shitbox that Sam Houston calls home. No bull: there are high school stadiums in Tixis with bigger stands, better fields, and without the jayvee track looping the whole thing. That’s not a stadium; It’s a dug-out field.

But games aren’t won and lost because of stadiums, and they’re not necessarily won because of crowd noise (which will certainly not be an issue Friday Night in HuntsVegas). They’re won and lost because of speed, tackling ability (or in Montana State’s case, lack thereof), leadership and intangibles. Montana has all of these qualities in spades.

Of course SHSU is fast, perhaps the fastest in FCS from sideline to sideline defensively, and the speed on display offensively last weekend when they destroyed the Bobcats (please allow me this little indulgence; I just love kicking sand in their eyes. Of course, kitty litter would be more appropriate) using two quarterbacks, the option and the Wildcat was very impressive.

Montana has shown, however, when they play their best football, they can beat anyone in the country. They can beat anyone — even teams ranked No. 1 — in the country on any shitty field you can send them to, from a God-forsaken town in Montana to any God-forsaken town in Tixis.

Further, this appears to be a team on a mission. While Sam Houston’s famed “Tixis Speed!” didn’t keep them from struggling against what should have been an overmatched Stony Brook squad, Montana was busy taking teams apart in the early rounds of the FCS Playoffs, winning by an average tally of 42-9.

42-9. I mean, that’s like playing teams that aren’t even in the same class.

42-9? Just like Montana State, Central Arkansas and Northern Iowa, Sam Houston State will soon learn why Montana gets the nationally televised games, why the Griz are in prime time and why they’re the class of the Football Championship Subdivision.

42-9. Sleep well, Sam Houston. There are Grizzlies outside, and they haven’t eaten in a week.

Make mine Montana 39, Sam Houston State 27. I’m off to figure out which family of rodent includes the “Bearkat.”


  1. Wish all articles could be written like that, no hedging, no political correctness, some humor and just straight talk. Nice job.

  2. Harry Beast says:

    Defense wins Championships… but the Grizz traditionally have trouble with the option. The soloution seems clear enough… Grizz LBs need to early on physically punish the unprotected QB coming around . Give up the big gain, take the unsportsmanlike, hell take the expulsion if necessary… just make sure you cave in punky’s sterum early first quarter. Should be easy enough… no blockers to interfer … Sittin Duck.. like shooting BearKats in a barrel. Go GRIZZ !!!!

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